5 Years From Now, You’ll Look Back on Today and See How Wonderful You Are.

Photo by Sami Anas on Pexels.com

Always Rise Above Your Circumstances and See the Forest with Its Trees.

It’s important that you know where you are in life for if you become lost, you may not be able to see the reality of how things are. Keep a life compass in your hands and identify who and where you are at all times; only then will you know where you are going. Remember to breathe along the way.

Everything, That is Lost, Will be Regained 100 Fold.

This is my hope for all who read this.

Did someone or something take a precious possession away from you? The you who held it became un-identifiable. The you, who you will become, will find a special place for the memory of what was lost. You are ever-evolving so the beauty that you will see 5 years from now, will be even more beautiful than before.

Continue to Re-Introduce You to Yourself.

One day in the future, you will rise early to the sound of tweeting birds and a glowing sun, and you will have different desires from yesteryear. Embrace the newness of who you are and release all feelings of guilt. Does the butterfly feel shame when leaving her cocoon? Feel and think according to how Brahman feels and thinks. How do you know what that is? Look around you and see how Brahman let’s you be and allows bygones to be bygones. Look at how #Brahman turns life into mulch and back to new life. Embrace your many reincarnations, which will take place in the life you have now.

by Renee Tarot, Author of The Mystic on Amazon

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Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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