Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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It Takes More Effort to Deny Rather Than to Accept Extraterrestrials.

They come in all forms: human; insect; water; ghostly, etc. They communicate with us directly, via thought and in our dreams. C’mon people, Yah is an extraterrestrial that many worship.


Penetration: Special Edition Updated: The Question of

Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

We can no longer deny that alien life forces exist and are here on earth. Ingo Swann tried to inform us, however the MK Ultra sonic programs and government magicians are strong and also use multimedia to discount believers as kooks. Despite the fact that we completely understand that the ancient human race was continuously at the point of extinction until one day, BAMMMM! Suddenly we were farming, creating air craft, flying into space and leaping into quantum physics. All by ourselves……NOT!

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What Do You Think is Stopping Aliens from Killing All Humans? Here are 9 Reasons That Could Explain Why.

Many People Assume Extraterrestrials, Within Earth or in Space, Could Wipe Surface Dwelling Earthlings Out If They Wanted To.

Hollywood has definitely filled our heads with stories of extraterrestrials who are bigger; smarter; more technologically savvy; and much less forgiving than humans are. It makes you wonder why they put up with everyone.

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Lucid Dream: Hall of Mirrors, Journey through Evolution

Last night, I had a very vivid, lucid dream, where the magickal mirrors in my astral living room, reflected images from parallel universes and different time periods.  Just thought I’d share…

I Knew I Was Dreaming When…

(5/5/2016 approx 4:30 am)

In the dream, I stepped out of my bedroom…I was living in my current home.

I thought I was awake.

Everything was so clear and I felt like I was just getting up as I usually do in the morning, but I noticed something.  When I opened the door to walk outside of my bedroom, instead of having a stairway at the end of the corridor, the house was one story.  Ah, sheeeit!  I ran into the living room yelling, “it’s a lucid dream!” because I don’t usually have them and I KNOW my house is not one story!

I wanted the Elders and Guides to know that I knew what was going on and that I needed some juicy answers, but I didn’t really have any questions because I was unprepared.


mirrorSo I was like, “Hot Dog!  Lucid dream time.”  I ran into the living room, which had my same altars, furnishings and oriental rug, except where there are currently pictures/portraits on the walls, in the dream there were large mirrors in ornate frames of gold instead, like the one in this picture. You could tell they were very costly, like ones you’d find in a palace, but I knew they were mine and that I was home.

I yelled out to nobody in particular, “Who am I?!?”  For some reason, I always ask that question in the presence of Deity.  I really don’t know why I asked that question again, however I began looking into a mirror on the far wall and this is what It showed me.

The Evolution of Mealien_AAtheory05_02

Nobody was there, but me, at least no one that I could see.  I was drawn to look in a mirror because somehow I knew that if I did, it would show me my true self(ves) and this is what I saw.

I don’t know if I had on a space suit or if I was just some type of monster, but I looked like the thingamajig in this photo with goggle like eyes and hard, armored skin or a space suit of some type.

My head was huge.

I wasn’t afraid or did not think myself unattractive, just turned my head slightly to the side, curiously wondering what in the heck I was, however the mirror did not give me much time to figure it all out because soon enough, I morphed into bug woman.

Bug Woman?

Yes.  I was a bug, but I was a humanoid.  Now, if any of you follow my blog, you will know that long ago, I told you about an Egyption God/Goddess book that called out to me a few years back in a bookstore.  Once I finally bought it, after about my 4th or so visit to the bookstore, the store went out of business and became a wig shop.  Yep.  I live a Harry Potter kind of life.

I remembered that there were ancient bug gods in the book so I looked them up this morning because I was more of a beetle/waterbug looking thingee than an ant or bee.

BTW, large waterbugs or Palmetto bugs have plagued me since my high school gym days when one tried to fly at me in what I considered an attack.  I use to be deathly afraid of them, until I realized I could not live my life that way.  If I saw one, I would be paralyzed and prone to never go back into that space again.  I would not sleep, eat, breathe or rest until I knew the thing was dead — I think this was the only reason I married — so my husband could kill them for me.  I remember after being married, we saw one in the kitchen.  I yelled, “kill it!”

He said, “I’m not killing that thing!”

I got so mad and said, “what use are you!”  We are  now divorced for that and other reasons.

Anyhoo, I continue to sidetrack….One day, I got a broom, mustered all my courage and said, “Kowabonga!” like Ms. Piggy on The Muppets……I killed one and I lived…but I did not enjoy the experience because they have a lot of gook inside them.

Almost back to the dream….The house that I currently live in has a subterranean basement and you know what that means. Luckily for me, between my Shih Tzu, who loves them like shrimp, and my cat, all I have to do is sweep up the shells.  Scorpio, the Shih Tzu sniffs those things out like appetizers…..perhaps I won’t kill anymore….but I digress.

Okay so the bug god is called Khepri and he is “god of the first sunrise at the dawn of creation.  Kheper means to develop or come into being, according to the god/goddess book above.  Hmmmmm.

So Vampires Came from Outer Space?  Maybe, Maybe Not.

Then my last manifesation was as this slanted, white-eyed, small iris creature and I felt like I was some sort of vampire.  I loved the look and I had white skin, but I looked like me and vampire-nathalia-hunter-eyes-fangs-girl-nathalia-hunter-vampire-485x728knew I was looking at myself.  Instinctively, I growled at myself in the mirror in order to see my fangs, but unfortunately, my fangs were in and out, meaning they were holographing or morphing into my current teeth and things in the living room were starting to blur…….like they do when I’m about to wake up.

Damn!  They caught me.

I knew the end was near, but after a few seconds, I could not get my fangs back, but, at least while in the dream, I kept the eyes.

Then I woke up and was like, “wow!”