What Do You Think is Stopping Aliens from Killing All Humans? Here are 9 Reasons That Could Explain Why.

Many People Assume Extraterrestrials, Within Earth or in Space, Could Wipe Surface Dwelling Earthlings Out If They Wanted To.

Hollywood has definitely filled our heads with stories of extraterrestrials who are bigger; smarter; more technologically savvy; and much less forgiving than humans are. It makes you wonder why they put up with everyone.

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Repost of: “Our Time Is Almost Up. They Are Coming Back.”

PLEASE READ:  I am embedding this from a reddit topic called r/nosleep, that features authors wanting to share their horror stories.  This author, CarlB1961 said he chose to share this on the r/nosleep forum.  

QUESTION:  Do you think this story is true or false?

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Earth is Reportedly a Lower Level Copy Cat Animal Planet that Learned Everything It Knows from Aliens

GlumAccording to foreign sources, (get it while you can) the patents and intelligence of certain space/weapons corporations allegedly came from inhabitants of the planet Kintumniya located at a distance of 68 light years from Earth. This is public info, or should I say anti-info.

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