February 16 – 22 Weekly Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

Sun sign horoscopes are symbolic in meaning, as well as direct.  Be sure to read with open hearts and minds to determine how scenarios might apply to your life.  Also, check the horoscope for your Moon sign, Ascendant and any stelliums in your natal chart.


Family and friends, specifically females,  will try to assist you with a situation they feel you are struggling with.  They feel emotionally vested in your drama and are not seeing the entire picture from your point of view.  You are calm enough to listen to them, however their advice is just that…..advice.


It’s all about exit strategies for you Taurus since you have decided some people currently in your circle need to be outside it!  You’ve dealt with them long enough and now you are ready to make moves to boot some people off of your chessboard of life.  It’s about time.


Before you begin that business with your family members or start to write your living will, think twice about who deserves to be on the receiving end.  It may be better to split the pot more evenly rather than give most to one person.


It’s all about the paranormal for you.  Write the outline for your mystical book.  Visit a haunted bed and breakfast inn or just stay home and cuddle up with someone you trust.  A woman you know who has passed on is trying to get a message to you so stay open and pay attention to the signs around you.


Loved ones are working to reunite you with someone you swore not to talk to again.  It’s not about what they want, it’s about what you can sustain.  If your heart is not in it, let it go.


You need to plan a weekend get-away, but you don’t want anyone to know where you are (or who you are with).  That’s fine, but plan to go somewhere near the water and behave yourself.


Consider a tutor if school work is stressing you out….or even a new major.  See a medical professional if the belly bloat gets too much for you as a result of stress and water retention.


Ready to start that new job?  Prepare to jump in with both feet and organize your thought processes so that you retain lots of training info as quickly as possible.


When the people at work begin to get on your last nerve this week, leave work early, call your fave someone and ask them to meet you somewhere for a love rendezvous or just go home and take your dog to the park.  This will ground you and bring you back to equilibrium.


You will be at the point of threatening legal action if people don’t get their act together, but don’t retain a lawyer just yet!  You’ve taken the crap for long enough and now it’s time to show them your horns, but you need a clear plan.  Everyone had better watch out because the goat is loose!


If money is tight due to an unexpected expense, don’t retreat from social responsibilities to save a few coins.  You can still have a good time with a bit of imagination and your circle needs you right now.


Usually you know exactly what to say and how to act, but your mood is ‘iffy’ this week.  Before you take your angst out on friends, figure out what is happening at home that is getting you down.  Set order, and you’ll feel that irritation start to lift.


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