How to Live Life to the Fullest on Planet Earth

It would be great if each individual was born with a manual attached to them, that outlined where they should go, what they should do, who they should love, how it will come about and when.  Unfortunately this is not exactly the case, so here are tidbits of Diamonds and Pearls I have gleaned to help you along your journey.

Generally Speaking, All Of Your Problems Will Be Given to You by Other Humans.

Whether it be via environmental influences, genetics, birth trauma, lack of prenatal care, relationships, etc., generally every last one of your problems will be given to you by another human being.  Initially you may feel you are at fault, but you are not, unless you deny the signs and symbols and consciously choose trouble.

You will be given information early in the journey, usually between the ages of 7 and 12, which lets you know tools are available so that you can free yourself from the negative influences of others.  To free one’s self sounds more simple than it is.

Each Individual Has the Power to Control Their Own Life at a Certain Juncture.

This may mean moving from your family and other familiar influences once you realize you are the sum total of those you hang around, and you don’t like your current station in life.  People will see you attempting to change and some of them will become jealous or angry.  They will try to vilify you.

You have to be okay with letting go, because if you are not, you will be sucked in.  Yes, you may choose destruction.  If you choose to advance, eventually, some of these same people will come around again with a better attitude, but others you will lose forever while in your current incarnation.  Be okay with that.

There Are Other Unseen Levels or Dimensions of Life Around You, Influencing You.

All is energy and energy operates and manifests at different levels.  BELIEVE right away because if you don’t, life will feel empty, and this leads to depression.  The good news is you get to believe in whatever you choose and you can amplify it!  However, if you do not believe in something, you can’t believe in yourself either, and you will become subject to falling for anything.

What is the purpose of life!

If You Think You Want to Do a Particular Thing, Practice Doing It While You are Having a Really Bad Day…Then Decide!

I use to cry to my mother about wanting to have kids and a family, not really knowing that I am mostly a writer, creator, guide and loner, moreso than a nurturer.  Of course, this was before the internet, so the focus was on people moreso than the web.

Soon, I got what I wished for and came to the realization that the glamour of Disney World is not so magical when a child is sick in a hotel room the night before.  I also never thought that my spouse would become more demanding once the kids arrived — he wanted to ensure he was not forgotten amidst diapers and bottles.  It never occurred to me to consider this before the children came. All breaks from the madness are temporary.  I never considered the fact that my child would have his own personality and that we might not get along too well.  Motherhood is the one permanent job that exists for humans on earth in the current western paradigm.  It stretches you to the point of breaking.  All I’d ever imagined was my husband’s ear to my belly, listening and laughing.  I had no clue.

Many people do not realize what they are getting into with regard to marriage, love, school, careers, etc. LEARN TO INDULGE IN TEMPORARY LIVING.  Foster a child before you adopt.  Babysit for at least a week before you give birth.  Volunteer or work temporarily in a field before committing to it.  Take a variety of classes before you assign yourself to a course of study.  Observe how others are faring and don’t assume you could do better. You have time to consider what you will invest in.

Imagine a marriage in which you are constantly giving.  This is what marriage really is.  We must stop thinking about what we can get out of each situation.  Oh wait.  We can’t stop thinking about what we want.  Plan for this in your life and fantasize realistically.

All Humans Are NOT Created Equally.  Each Human Is a Unique Embodiment of The Great Treasure.

Just as the planets offer different influences throughout the Universe, as do the constellations, humans are quite unique depending upon the star root inside of them and aspects they make to humans around them.

People with loads of zeros in their birthdays are very easily possessed by entities.  These people should align themselves with fiery energies of light within other human beings vs choosing to link with others such as themselves because 0 + 0 = 0, and I do not mean this in the sense of the Fool card in the Tarot.

You have a Great Treasure inside of you.  Your uniqueness gives you an incomparable ability to love, feel, care, give, draw, write, build, etc.

Know who you are. 

Honor the unique manifestation of the Treasure within you.

Align yourself with others who enhance your light and positive energy.

This is all for now…


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