How Does Axial Precession Influence Religion, Spirituality and the New Age?

What is the Axial Precession and How Does It Define a New Age?

Many are put off by the term ‘New Age’ since Shamanic, Animistic and Natural spiritualities are older than Earth itself and by no means ‘new’. For the purposes of this writing, I refer to New Age as changes in human thought and culture, that are timed by equinoxial precessions AND/OR Earth’s ‘other’ cyclical movements.

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How to Live Life to the Fullest on Planet Earth

It would be great if each individual was born with a manual attached to them, that outlined where they should go, what they should do, who they should love, how it will come about and when.  Unfortunately this is not exactly the case, so here are tidbits of Diamonds and Pearls I have gleaned to help you along your journey.

Generally Speaking, All Of Your Problems Will Be Given to You by Other Humans.

Whether it be via environmental influences, genetics, birth trauma, lack of prenatal care, relationships, etc., generally every last one of your problems will be given to you by another human being. Continue reading