How to Know Your Personal Astrology with Regard to #Love Relationships

There are Certain People You Should Cling to, At Least if You Want to Live the Happiest Life Possible.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I do not get along with people under the sign of ___.” You can fill in the blank. Is it because one sign is water and the other is fire — and water puts fires out? Possibly. Or perhaps it is because they had a bad experience with one person born under said Sun sign and decided to judge all others who were born under the same sign. This too is a possibility. However, if intuitively you find yourself happy with and attracted to someone, it is important not to take chances with their love because you have likely stumbled upon a beautiful synastry configuration without even looking at the charts!

Can These Signs be Generalized for Everyone?

Absolutely not! I know a woman who sunk her teeth into the success of a doomed marriage and her resolve has forced her to find a way to be happy in it, even though her life may have been easier if she had just listened to her mother 55 years before. She learned to live under the influences of the wrong sign and this is why she remains in her marriage. Many book astrologers would have told her, “yes this is a good match based on your Sun signs,” but there is much more to look at in addition to Sun signs before determining true compatibility.

There are particular aspects that each person can see in their natal charts to discover who works best with them in love. Yes, you can do synastry with one person’s natal chart and the only thing that a composite or synastry chart will do is confirm what you saw in the natal chart.

There is one caviat about love: In my experience, the best person for you will not come around very often, however there will be more than one partner that fits you well. The ones who are not a good fit for you will also be drawn to you! You have to be smart; make the best decision early; know yourself and your tolerances; then stick to you decision for the happiest life.

Youthful Choices Will Cost You.

Unfortunately, you can make a quick decision in your youth that could last for quite some time in your life. Certain plutonian aspects are quite difficult to overcome as they may include unwanted behaviors that stem from unresolved childhood trauma or psychic vampirism. If you have a determination of steel, you can beat it, but who wants to use all that energy just to overcome an undesirable love partner, which may even bring children into the equation?

“Am I doomed to be tormented by these aspects for the rest of my life? We had Saturn in our marriage composite chart!” Saturn in a composite or synastry only tells you what and how long you may be compelled to deal with certain issues (good or bad) “IF” you decided to pair with this person. Saturn can be good if he/she is the right one and not so good if they aren’t. During the course of your life with this person there will be outs that are available for you, however it may be difficult for you to take them with certain Saturn placements, or depending upon your upbringing or religious beliefs, so it is best not to get into it in the first place.  Environment and upbringing can play as major a role as Astrology.

“But we were so drawn to each other!” Yep. I know. It may have been an astral trick because ‘not so good’ wants to get to you sometimes more than ‘good’ does and can bring a healthy dose of hypnotism to make you think it’s love! Do you know how many victims are astrologically drawn to their murderers?!?

Delve deep into Astrology and the Masters will teach you the secrets of this ancient science so that you can enjoy a better and more prosperous life!

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