The Case of Chiron and What the Asteroid Really Does in Our Lives

Chiron is about More than Just a Wounded Healer, Even Though He is That Too!

It is important for us not to try to force the asteroid Chiron into a role played by a character in mythology during a time when Chiron had not yet been discovered. The comet-like asteroid entered Pisces in May 2010 just as Uranus was leaving and hiding his hand behind his back. Do you remember what was happening in your life in May 2010? I was in the throes of an EXTREMELY difficult relationship with a very hurt Inner Child that was attached to a man who also had a tendency to lash out and vamp on my energy.

The sad thing is that I received warnings the entire time, but really felt like I had no control over my actions. I was like a zombie being led to the slaughter, meaning my soul needed a purging. When it is time to wash something dirty, we take out the bleach or strong cleaner and dip what is to be cleaned into hot water….thus did Spirit to my soul and added a splash of Chiron as the fabric softener.

Chiron came in when the relationship started to get worse and I knew it was a matter of time for me. Chiron brought the pain out of me through new music, books, blogs, social media exchanges, in-depth study of Tarot and new business ventures. These medicines helped to purge me of a lot of the toxicity that I was experiencing and gave this Pisces the time she needed to let go and develop. Chiron has a tendency to stay in Pisces longer, because we just refuse to let go…I guess we like pain or at least want to ensure there is no chance left for the things we want.

Chiron moved to 8 degrees during the week of the divorce because I was at a place of a new beginning. It was a wild ride and I remember being in a bit of a daze that week of St. Valentine! It didn’t feel like Chiron was doing much for me, but it appears Chiron wanted ME to do the work and was just the inspiration to get me to do it.

So thankfully, Chiron moves out of my sign on the 18th, and though I’ve accomplished SO MUCH in the last eight years, I can honestly say, I’m like “good riddance”. It is graduation time and I have my ROBE!!! I am happy to say I should not see Chiron again in my Sun sign during this lifetime and I am hoping that his appearance in my rising or moon signs doesn’t try to draw much more out of me, but if he does, I know it is for good reason and purpose!

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