What Time is It…..Really? In My OPINION It Is Time for Official Change in Western Societal Thinking about Spiritual Services!

One of the Ways to Know What Time it is is to Look at an Astrological Ephemeris or Natal Chart!

As April 2018 fires by, and generations approach the airy Age of Aquarius, many of you are not sure what is going on, or still don’t know what just hit you with regard to how your lives are proceeding while Ceres is direct in Leo under an Aries sun. This includes understanding some of the things happening per news channels, and which affect society as a collective. IN MY OPINION, it is time for us to embrace metaphysical studies so that we can understand how to live our lives to the fullest, and where best to focus resources because there are many paths to the goal of the successful life! Hopefully, some day workers will enhance their professions by consulting with those PROPERLY TRAINED in the use of tarot cards, meditation, prayer, Numerology, shamanic studies, Astrology or psychic intuition. The purpose for your watch and clock is only to measure exactly when events will or should occur. Calendars, clocks, compasses and other time keeping/directional tools are NOT designed to help you to understand what to expect, look out for or energies on which to capitalize. Without the use of Astrology, Numerology, Intuition, Meditation, Prayer, etc., you will NOT know what to expect, why you feel the way you do, or what to do about it. Because these spiritual fields incorporate vast concepts and methods, which are easily misinterpreted, those using them should follow some training course that can be verified, and/or which involve a specific amount of time spent in the ‘successful’ use of said tools.

I Dream of a World In Which We Look at the Spiritual First, and the Natural Second!

THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH RELAYS MY WISH FOR THE FUTURE AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SERVICES THAT I OFFER TO MY CUSTOMERS CURRENTLY: IN MY OPINION, The medical field wastes tons of energy, time and money on diagnostics and prescription courses by not ‘openly’ tapping into intuitive and spiritual diagnostic services, and THEN confirming discoveries with the correct diagnostic tools and providing the best prescriptions for each person at the BEGINNING of their healing process. IN MY OPINION, PHYSICAL ILLNESSES THAT ARE TREATED WITHOUT LOOKING AT PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL CAUSES WILL USUALLY REOCCUR. People who are currently programmed in ‘traditional religious doctrines’ reject the shamanic or the like, and consequently, suffer and die at the hands of those who ‘practice’ in professional fields. I am not saying that situations of such spiritual importance should be trusted to kooks and weirdos, but there are vast, reputable resources available to train Medical Intuitives (who can legally work with medical doctors), enough so that the field SHOULD BE a normal course of study, with other spiritual AND professional fields, in major colleges and universities. These Spiritual Courses of Studies would NOT replace legal, medical or other typical professions, but would drastically ENHANCE them. Soon the Western World will not be able to close its eyes to Metaphysics, or to prevent the common man from partaking in such things. Just as in days of old, when Astrology and Metaphysics was an honorable course of study, and resulted in numerous scientific advances (from which we benefit today) so shall it be again, WITHOUT unjust laws to prevent common man from enjoying such practices from reputable providers. This is my wish for the future.

Currently, in this country those of us providing psychic services DO NOT offer services related to other professional fields to included financial, medical or legal. You can, however, take advantage of Certified and Licensed Spiritual Practitioners to enhance your general lives, and who have invested their time and money in advancing their crafts and fields of study by subjecting themselves to teachers, masters and other educational authorities. We are here for your benefit, and together, we can all begin to ‘legally’ rid the western world of awful stigmas related to fields, whose absences, leave us blind, unprotected and in waste.

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