True Love IS Available For You! (Spiritual Baths)

We Must Have Faith that True Love Still Prevails!

Yes, there is love for you, and it’s real, true, long-lasting and tailor-made with your name on it! I know your last bout with Cupid changed you and things FEEL different because they are different. Not only has a number of new planets likely introduced themselves to you, but your family is changing, you are maturing, your knowledge is expanding, your point of view has shifted, so yes…’ve changed.

There are things you can do to prepare the NEW YOU for love, and certain people you should distance yourself from in order to obtain and enjoy it. However, in my years of providing spiritual advice, I find the Universe to be very forgiving and generous when it comes to love. Sometimes the Universe will take a couple and turn them into soul mates, and at other times, the couple will be in the same soul group already, but kept apart.

Love is Around the Corner so Prepare!

If you feel in your heart that love is around the corner, begin to prepare yourself and clear out the cobwebs of the heart. You want that new love to find things nice and tidy, as you require in his/her own heart as well — no blocked Heart Chakras! Invest in your physical and heart health and make sure your surroundings are cozy and comfy. Sometimes amnesia is a good thing when it allows for us to forget the hurts of the past and only retain the wisdom…..forgiveness is key to clarity.

Spiritual Baths are a Great Way to Reset Your Being!

Take a spiritual bath that consists of a strained tea made from honey, lavender, rose petals and a bit of cinnamon. As you wash over your (clean) body, imagine the old cobwebs being washed away and your soul being filled with sweetness and understanding. Spiritual Baths are a GREAT way to prepare your heart, soul, mind and body for a new lease on life, especially when it comes to love and protection from the past. Even if you don’t have a tub, preparing the strained herbs in a large bowl and washing over yourself with an herb branch or your hands will do wonders for you. Do not towel dry, but let the aromas and essence melt into your pores and become a part of you….the herbs ARE your ancestors….did you know that????

We don’t want old baggage to get in our way when we are being catapulted into the love of a lifetime!

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