How to Get Unstuck!

There’s More Than One Way, But Let’s Look at the Obvious!

Sometimes we have to get honest with ourselves — brutally honest, meaning we have to make up our minds what we REALLY want. If we are the Masters of our Fates and the Captains of our Destiny, how did we get HERE????? Did you realize that the Law of Attraction works whether we realize it or not? Understanding this, perhaps we went ourselves mixed messages or had mental conflicts about what we really want and what we are willing to give up for it. Do we want new love or would we rather keep the old? Do we want to take a chance in a new city or stay in the old for convenience sake? Are we willing to take a chance at diving into the wonderful life that we have imagined? If so, the time to start planning and preparing is NOW!

Obliterate the Conflicts and Magick WILL Occur!

I am EXCITED about being a co-creator with Source, how about you? It is important that we review our paradigms from time to time, specifically ones pertaining to relationship. It can be challenging to accept new love when the old ones were so disappointing. Let’s be honest. Do we really know the next steps to take to clear our slates for a new and improved Us? If you have anyone in your life who loves to pull you into the doldrums of despair, separate from them completely, but if you can’t right now, drastically limit the energy exchange between the two of you and call upon your ancestors to assist you as needed. Toxic people, especially family members, have a way of transferring that negativity right though the airwaves. Be careful of that!

It’s Okay to Deal with a Higher Power.

The mainstream churches and religions have a reputation for being corrupt, unfair, prejudiced, money-hungry and fake, yet some of us still endure it all and yearn to tap into a Source (through it) that is wiser, stronger and more powerful than ourselves, which is perfectly fine. I like to call this Source a simple name….Spirit. In my mind, Spirit is mentioned in many of the mainstream religions, but lives beyond them in the times and spaces between time and space. Spirit is ready to go into action to make things happen when we are truly ready for change — It takes It’s command from our connection with Truth. Interaction with the 3rd dynamic of community is not necessary to connect with Spirit, but does make for a more powerful experience. Spirit is the Ancestral Primal Source that powers the Oracle and Tarot and that some even refer to as the Holy Spirit or Comforter. One thing we can’t forget is the end goal, and we will not forfeit our power, but must understand that we are called to higher depths, and if we do not answer the call, the power of Spirit will be less energized for our own posterity.

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