Use the Power of Words and Ritual in Your Spiritual Practice!

Being Eclectic and Solitary Has Its Perks, However the Power of Joining With Others is Great!

You may have recently decided to venture into a nontraditional form of spirituality, and likely have a distaste for ritual since it is related to, and even sounds like the word religion! The dictionary defines ritual as ‘a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.’ It has also been said the Universal Law of Ritual states the power of a specific practice is added to by every person who has ever done said practice in the past. For this reason, following a known ritual can be a very important part of your mostly eclectic or solitary spiritual practices.

Morning rituals, as well as holiday rituals are amongst the most common, that are passed down in western families. Consider adding a step to your rituals that ensures benefit to you and your family in the form of a blessing.

Words are Often a Part of Rituals and Enhance Pictures/Visions You See in Your Minds!

It is somewhat unfortunate that most do not understand WORDS are like blood or DNA, and you know what they say, “the life is in the blood”. Scientists have used language to trace civilisations back to their ancestors (terrestrial or not) and original lands. Words assist us in describing how we feel or explaining exactly what we want someone to do in a specific situation. The english term ‘spell’, is the same as the latin version, EXPONENTIA! Now when I hear the word EXPONENTIA, I think of something being expounded upon or hammered for emphasis. The term ‘exponential’ is defined as “(of an increase) becoming more and more rapid” meaning that the words you use in your spells or prayers will cause what you see in your mind to happen faster and in a greater way!

The Points Mentioned Above, Explain Why Ancient Passages of Scripture are So Powerful!

Just think about the power behind a set of words that has been used by millions before you! This is one of the reasons why books like the Bible are tools in both traditional AND nontraditional spiritual practices.

Whether you realize it or not, the Bible is a conglomerate of several old books, which include text related to History, Folk tales, Genealogies, Poems, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ type writings from wise men, Prophesies, Personal Accounts, etc. Approximately 35 authors are said to have contributed to this great book, which CANNOT be owned by any ONE religion, though it is said to have been compiled around 367 AD by the Catholic Church and is also known as the biblical canon!!! This canon included ancient books that best represented the Deity to whom the Church ascribed. It also includes quotes from other books that are not a part of the canon.

Let’s do a brief test for all of the holy word scholars! There is a passage of scripture about a man being weighed in the balance to determine whether or not his heart is pure. Which passage is it?

I know many of you thought that since I used the term ‘scripture’ I was referring to the Bible, and you answered the Holy Bible Daniel 5:27, but the Balance was actually first described in the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead, also known as ‘The Coming Forth of Day’ on Plate III. In fact, much of the tone of the poetry and wisdom books of the Bible is eerily similar to the writings of ‘The Coming Forth of Day’ or ‘Egyption Book of the Dead’, based on current interpretations.

Ancient passages have been spoken for 1000s of years and can be quite powerful. So how do you use them, you ask?

It’s time to get creative! Let’s say you are in need of a monetary loan and you’ve gone to the bank (who feeds on the poor via interest), but feel like approval may be compromised by your credit. You want the powerful, hungry banker to approve your request so that you can do things for your family so perhaps you might light a green candle and pray this biblical passage from Judges 14:14 –

“Out of the eater, something to eat;
out of the strong, something sweet.”

Not only do you grasp the long-lived power of this passage, but you also have a petition to receive something good from a person of power, but not only that! You can use the numerological energy of the numbers 14:14, which reduce down to ‘1’ to use that money to start your new project! We could go on and on about the numerous, numbered old passages in solemn books and how they can affect your prayers and petitions in a positive way. Personally, I’d suggest using the original language or dialect in these prayers vs more modern translations.

It’s time for us to open our minds and allow ourselves to be transported to new dimensions of spiritual learning and achievement. There has been no greater cultural appropriation, in the form of great texts, than in the one book aforementioned. Now it is time to reappropriate the powerful tools of this planet and universe for our common well-being!

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