Aries Finally Gets a Break!

Aries, It’s Been a Long Seven Years, But More Pleasant Times are Just Ahead!

I have spoken to a number of Aries natives who have dealt with the hand of Uranus in their sign for quite a few years. Many have overcome relationship and career changes that only Uranus could prompt and push them through! Even though some of these changes were abrupt, in the short run, the lessons taught are easy to see and much appreciated.

Today’s stars bring a foreshadow of what is to come when Uranus leaves Aries in the latter part of May 2018! Difficult conversations will be easier today, and you may feel very courageous when it comes to talking to that person you’ve admired from afar for so long.

Uranus at its current placement brings a time of new beginnings, urges for pre-spring cleaning, and beautiful love attachments that are quite chemical, though they may lack staying power without Saturn’s influence, at least for right now. If you can keep it going for at least a month, that may change…

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