Did You Know Your Birthday Can Change from Year to Year?

So Exactly When is Your Birthday — Do You Really Know?

A pattern forms in the sky when you are born, called your natal chart, and it serves as a blue print of where your soul has been, where it is headed, how you will look physically, what you agreed to come here to learn, what you want to experience, etc. The ancients focused on the Moon sign, however the Moon sign changes every few days, which is not really an issue, but current Western Tropical Astrologers have decided to focus on the Sun’s movement to determine a person’s main zodiacal sign and characteristics.

The Sun moves daily and it progresses throughout the 12 astrological houses in what we call degrees and minutes, which are a bit different than a typical thermometer or time clock. Each house is made up of 30 degrees and each degree equals 60 minutes, and these minutes are counted as a planet or astral body moves in the sky through each of the 12 astrological houses. For example, as I type this post, the Sun is at 15 degrees Pisces and 52 minutes. Once it gets to 60 minutes, it will change to 16 degrees of Pisces. Each planetary body travels at a different rate, for instance, Venus travels zero to one degree, 16 minutes a day, depending on its motion and Jupiter travels from zero to 14 minutes a day (just a fraction of a degree) depending on whether it is retrograde or in direct motion and so on and so forth.

Your actual birthday is the day when the sun returns to the exact degrees and minutes that it was at the time of your birth (which you will need your birth time to figure out). This could cause your birthday to vary +/- 24 hours from the actual date of your birth, but not only that! When the Sun travels back to the mark and sign that it was at the time of your birth, you get a brand new Astrology chart for the year!!! Don’t you just love it, and do you know what your Astrology forecast is for this year?

Do you even know the actual date that your birthday has fallen or will fall on this year? Don’t be in the dark, be in the know!

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