Intuitive Advice is Valuable When Making Life Decisions

Intuition is a Normal Human Sense That Western Culture Can No Longer Devalue.

Not only is intuition a human sense, but it is a sense that ALL forms of life possess, to include animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. It is a being’s ability to discern information pertaining to people and circumstances around said being. I use the term ‘being’ because it can be a human being, plant being, animal being, astral being, etc.

It’s as simple as that. With this ability, you are able to tap into truths and Universal output that is valuable for success and upward mobility.

Why Did the Western Status Quo Bash Intuitive People in the Past?

We’ve come a long way, but you know the number Hollywood did on us regarding the rich and famous intuitives. They publicized every prophetic error, created movies that featured psychic flamboyants, and created a mindset amongst the public that preached the irrationality of intuition, and that all advisors were inherently greedy, which is a complete falsehood. Then the secret came out that powerful world leaders were using these same gifts to benefit themselves. Of course, it is difficult for government leaders to accept that the people have access to what government cannot control, especially systems that give the public the power “to know truth”.

Authentic Intuitive Advice is Valuable.

If you are facing a situation with someone, and you do not understand the motivation behind their actions, an Intuitive Advisor can assist you with this. We use a variety of metaphysical tools (backed by thousands of years of observational science) to look deeply into situations and bring out truths, that help you to make decisions about what to do, to assist you with improving yourself, and to lead you toward a happier future.

All intuitives work differently and many have ‘specialties’ that they appear to be better in than in some other fields of psychic/intuitive sciences. I am good at understand deep motivations behind how people feel, which leads to information about what they will do in the future. Others may focus on mediumship or mundane astrology.

There are many fields under the heading of psychic or intuitive sciences and all are valuable in helping you to have a more successful and fulfilling life.

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