We’ve Got Love On Our Minds


Love Connections are Taking Place Now, and They will Last for a Long Time!

So you met someone…..a couple of guys and you need to figure out which one of them is the best option for you. You may already feel you’ve wasted enough time in love, but keep in mind, we learn a bit more about ourselves with every experience :).

You need to know whether Saturn (the Lord of Time) is on your side in this relationship since Venus, the Goddess of Love is invading your thoughts with the prospects of love connections and future partnerships.

Who is the Authentic Person Staring at You from Across the Dating Table?

With the help of the Oracle cards and Tarot, I can assist you with determining, who is the likely candidate to invest your precious time and ‘heart’ into. Who will you be dealing with once the mask comes off? Who is this person at the core of their current self — archetypal energies do change periodically? How much work will this person need before they are really willing to contribute properly to a true, mature, fulfilling relationship? What past issues or family concerns could interfere with what you and your love are trying to build?

Make an INFORMED decision. Call me today or chat with me to find out if you and your love are side by side mentally, and then you can better determine the investment that you will have to make in the process of building a relationship.

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Call or chat with me today to discuss the possibilities that life and love have to offer you!

Many blessings!

Ms. Renee Advisor


Ext. 05241298


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