Valentine Prep: Love Readings & A Smile Really Do Go a Long Way, But Faith Without Works is Dead!


So You’ve Had a Love Reading and Mr. or Ms. Right Has Entered Your Life!

I hope all of you who’ve received a similar reading are making preparations to open the door to Mr. or Ms. Right by not only brightening your appearance with that beautiful smile, but also doing the following:

1. Get rid of your ex’s stuff!!!!!! The last thing you want is for your new beau to take you out on a date and you still have a necklace on that says, “Mike Loves Me!” Or there’s a big tattoo across your chest that says, “I belong to Keke!” Really!!!!! How about your new potential has asked you out for a sweet Valentine’s Day dinner and you interrupt dinner to take a call from your ex who has his own ringtone, “Weekend” by SZA! Even still you guys progress to having an overnight stay, just for your new man to stumble over your ex’s hiking boots under your bed. That’s a big NO NO, that psychics can’t help you with…lol!

2. Remember who your new love is! So you’ve been dating a few guys or girls, and you mention to Kate that you thought the story of her weekend trip with grandma last month was soooo interesting. The woman across from you looks down and is a bit upset, and says, “My name is Ashley and my grandma died 10 years ago!!!!” Ooooops!!!!

There are things that you can do to prepare your hearts and minds for the NEW love of your life, and believe me, 2018 is going to be chock full of new love affairs as Jupiter in Scorpio brings you to the romance of your dreams! We can lead you to the waters, but you’ve got to wash your cups before you drink!

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