I’m a Woman Over the Age of 45 — How Can I Open My Heart to Love Again?

Finding Love at the Age of 18 vs 45 Requires a New Way of Thinking in Order to Face Different Situations!

First, there’s the issue of freeing ourselves from imprints that we now realize were left by our parents and previous long-term relationships, specifically the things we liked least about them. Others have pointed these characteristics out and we now get the message and have honestly looked into the mirror and are ready to elevate. The difficult work has started, and we are lifting ourselves up into a more perfect place, emotionally, but still this work in progress is ready for love NOW.

He’s Been Hurt Too. How Do I Get Him to Open Up?

Time and Loyalty – I remember being in a relationship once and I asked the guy what was most important to him in love, and he said loyalty. As a woman, I thought that meant that he wanted me to be faithful and not cheat……simple enough…..but it was sooooo much more than that! Older men can be very suspicious, as well as demanding, and are patient enough to take the time to determine if WE are who we say we are with regard to our emotions and integrity. They want to know that we have their best interests at heart and are here to stay (good times and bad), so, in many cases, we will be tested, whether they say they’re past the games or not — even if the test is just to see if we have patience. There’s a new game to play: We must be our best selves and realize that no relationship is perfect, but at the same time, we have to determine if THIS relationship is right for us and worth the guaranteed issues that will occur from time to time. If we know up front that this man is not who we want, it is best to leave early.

I’m Willing to Compromise, But Not THAT Much!

Okay, then determine how much you ARE willing to give because older women can be very intolerant of characteristics and situations that we find nerve-wracking…..lol….and I’m not talking toilet seats or socks. Keep in mind there won’t be major change with our OR their personalities so we must determine what the deal-breakers are and be willing not to engage in battles over the small stuff. Checking with the Oracle cards will also add a dimensiion of knowledge so that we know if a long-term emotional and financial investment is worth our while.

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