The Super Moon is in Full Effect! How will This One Affect Us?

The Dead of Night was as the Early Dawn.

This morning around 3:30 am est the clouds were white against the blue of the sky, something that I should not have been able to see at this time of night, but which was made possible by a Cancerian Super Moon. It was quite lovely with a living wind that rushed through tree limbs and past leaves as if it was late in accomplishing something it had set out to complete. The atmosphere was electric and something was definitely going on in the unseen realms, more than usual, and what better way to figure it out than to look at the past!

The Last Super, Blue, Blood Moon Like This One Was in 1866, Just After the American Civil War.

We know that Super Moons have a tendency to set off revolutionary change, which is sorely needed, but just as powerfully resisted. It is good energy in which to pull down spiritual strongholds and situations that seem resistant to change.

So what happened way back when during the last Blue, Super Lunar that we can compare to this one, which is currently at 99% (good manifestation time) and will be 100% full tomorrow on the 31st, with a lunar eclipse?

1. The first recorded daylight bank robbery occurs, possibly a first of the bandit Jesse James, though that part is not confirmed.

2. The first Civil Rights bill in American history is established, even after a veto from President Andrew Johnson.

3. A London bank collapses and starts the Panic of 1866.

4. First nickles are minted in the U.S., replacing the half dime.

5. The Metric Law of 1866 standardizes weights and measures in the U.S.

It appears there were no major scientific discoveries, other than that of the chemical Phenylhydrazine, exposure to which can induce the abnormal breakdown of red blood cells in animals, dermatitis and liver damage, amongst other things — don’t miss the fact that it breaks down layers, that is not a coincidence. Otherwise, this was a time of Reconstruction after a major Civil War in America and new philosophies were being put into law, which goes hand and hand with standardizing weights and measures as everyone was figuring out how they’d fit into this war-torn country, and what they’d lose OR receive as a result of it.

We find ourselves in a similar place today in American society as everyone is figuring out the new world in which we live and how they fit into it. The redistribution of power always means loss to some and gain to others, but this kind of thought is an unfortunate misinterpretation.

It is also time to look at your individual lives to determine what things are new and how are you doing with incorporating these changes that will be significant and long-lasting, particularly with regard to family matters, contractural partnerships and emotions.

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