The Sensational Six – Wisdom for Successful Love Relationships

You’ll Receive Help During Your Journey. Here’s How You Can Make It Work For You.

Many people come to spiritual advisors looking for answers about situational outcomes in love, or they want to know what will happen concerning certain people or circumstances. There’s one other question that can really help you to make the most of your life. That question is, “what do the Oracles and Guides say I can do to facilitate the best outcome for myself and for the one that I love?

Sometimes the answer will be absolutely nothing more than what you are already doing. Other times you will receive instructions about what you can do along the way to get what you want out of the situation or to prevent roadblocks. It’s good to listen because our minds easily play tricks on us and want to convince us that what we are thinking is finite and the end of the road.

The older I become, the more I realize that even the most difficult of situations can change, and each step of a relationship requires, at minimum, the following six things:

1. Forethought

2. Self-control

3. Forgiveness

4. Understanding

5. Compromise

6. Time

Most of the time if one is not willing to face the Sensational Six above, the Saboteur archetype can sneak in and unravel everything that you have the POTENTIAL to have. It is NOT easy keeping it all together when others are not doing exactly what they are suppose to, but it is something you have to get use to because it is the norm in this world. All of the power and potential for an awesome life is inside of YOU!

Meditate on each of the six aspects above, pull out pen and paper and write down what each of them means to you as they play out in how you deal with your own love relationship. I believe in you, so I know you can do what you have to do to get what you want out of life!

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