Neptune Retrograde’s Effect on Pisces

On June 17th, 2017, Neptune appeared to travel backwards in Pisces at 14 degrees, and will continue to do so until November 23, 2017 where it backtracks to 11 degrees.  What does this all mean?

The Mystic Sciences, Neptune’s Domain

Metaphysical Sciences are the oldest, longest studied and most practiced Work in human history.  These sciences, which include, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Witchcraft/Magick, Alchemy, Tarot, Mystic Gnosis, Paranormal Studies, etc., have gone from revered to illegal, and back, with a supposed hidden history that is right under our noses in the University called Nature.  These sciences can be revealed with two simple study tools called observation and focus, and only those who know its true power, and who are led by greed, desire that its study be illegal.

Having said that, Astrology is a leg of the Mystic Sciences that I have gravitated to since childhood, and will be the topic of today’s blog, from a standpoint of Neptune’s retrograde motion in ethearic Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces

As a Western Pisces I know that Neptune’s placement in my Sun sign has wrought numerous changes in my life and catapulted me into the Occult Sciences by way of a vehicle called pain.  Neptune’s natural domain is the dreaminess of the magickal world, and though Powerful and lovely in it’s misty waters, it can also lead to confusion, insanity, escapism and substance abuse.

Every word that I spoke over my life since childhood, came back to haunt me, and, since Neptune’s entry into Pisces back in 2011, I learned certain things about myself that pushed me away from specific family members and friends, but which made me a bit spooky.  Spooky in the sense that Mysticism is a science and not a reason for me to run the streets naked covered in henna and white paint, having given my body to an herb spirit that had not had sex in 4,500 years……NO.  Keep in mind that Neptune’s entry into Pisces was welcomed by the wounded healer Chiron who is about to exit the sign in April 2018 right as Sappho the thinking friend and Eros enter…..apparently Chiron feels we are ready to face a newly retrograde Neptune without him with this friend who becomes our lover.

I graciously thank the Divine Energy of Father/Mother Neptune for what I have been shown, but as the Entity has begun to move retrograde, suddenly I find myself much more lucid.

Neptune’s Retrograde Effect on Pisces

I will start this portion of the post by telling you how I have felt recently starting with Neptune’s 15 degree direct placement.  Dreams have become much more lucid with regard to my mystic responsibilities and study at the Inner School, an educational facility that resides either deep inside of myself in another dimension, or outside of myself in the Astral Realm.  At this point, it is hard for me to accept the concept that all that is and ever was is inside of little old me, no matter how overweight I have become.  Instead, I feel that I hold a miniscule piece of all that is, was and ever will be, and with that piece I have, at least an open portal to the All.

A few days ago, I started to feel a bit sad, and I guess, disillusioned by the current generation and culture of the world at large, but more specifically Western culture.  YouTube’s manipulation of my timeline felt stifling, as if they were saying, ‘if this is what you watched yesterday, this is all that you ever want to see!”

My response to that is “NO YOUTUBE!  Please leave my timeline alone!  I will decide what I want to see.”  This manipulation in itself tells us that computer programs have not yet advanced to the point where they can guess what humans may like based solely upon how we may feel on a given day.

After watching one ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ clip, I was bombarded by images of Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kris’ ex.  It was too much for me to handle.

I looked at how American pop culture told me what I needed to look like in order to keep Criminal Capitalism going, and I began peeling off everything.  Yes, everything:  the weave, makeup, nails, lashes, everything, except what the plastic surgeons had already cut away and trashed.  As I write this post, I have on clothes, but I am naked….this is what Neptune retrograde has done to me.

I thought about all of the six foot, two inch and taller men that I had dated in an effort to make myself look smaller, and how stupid some of them were.  Yet, this is the type that I had vowed to date because the one short man I dated years ago looked so weird lying on a bed where his feet were a few feet from the bottom baseboard.  That was just too much for me to handle.  And even though I may never date a man that is that short, I will no longer subject myself to men who are tall just because they are tall!  No more oversize human, testosteronic monsters for me.

And though I may sport a weave, once again, I plan to no longer allow myself other fake accessories to match, i.e., if I want nails, can’t have weave and if I want weave, can’t have false lashes, etc.  Only one fake thing at a time!  I know this is just a body, but I feel so false right now and a retrograde Neptune just won’t allow that.  Neptune’s retrograde motion forces me to wake up from my fantasy world and to view my real self in all her glory…….or not.

Neptune Retrograde’s Effect on Spirituality

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the Mystic Sciences are too old to refute, so I won’t even attempt to do that, however Neptune’s reverse motion has not caused me to want to deny the paranormal.  What it has done is cause me to want to see it as a science, study it and practice it with diligence.  It has caused me to want to intelligently propose to the world that the use of the word psychic does not denote insanity or looneyhood, but it expresses a proven science of physically, invisible energy that shows, expresses and impresses the human mind.  Our inability to comprehend it does not strip it of its scientific nature.  It is as simple as that.

I now feel more convinced that I should stick to a schedule, eat right, exercise, read, study and all of the so-called normal things that business men and women do who are completely secular because it is all tied together, and what they do when they practice the above, creates its own magick in their lives, though limited it may be without proper visualization.

Neptune will discontinue its reverse motion at 11 degrees, which will allow many people, especially Pisces, to make better choices in their love lives because 2018 will bring on social commitments and legal partnerships for the Fish, and this time, we need to partner with people who are good for us and who are mutually beneficial for the purposes of positive soul evolution.

In conclusion, what Neptune’s retrograde motion has done is to convince me that not even magick comes to the lazy or faint of heart.  Whether or not we choose to alter our physical appearances or to be completely natural, matters not as long as our minds and hearts are at one with Truth and we sanely refuse to continue on with things that no longer serve, and people also, for that matter.


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