What If the Pyramids Were Built in Our Future and Not in the Past? An Alternate Concept of Time

Ideas expressed here are the current views and opinions of Renee Tarot.

Time is not linear. Time represents places and spaces or points on a tapestry or web.  These points represent colorful circumstances that are separated by additional spaces (portals/doorways) and the happenings within a given space may be subject to change.  Also, there may be spaces that remain unvisited, depending upon your decisions at any given moment.

In essence, it is a grand possibility that the pharoahs of “old” are actually our posterity and we have reverse engineered their space in the happenings of what we call current life to come up with our concept of spirituality and other inventions… RT

The Dreams

1st Dream – 9/12/15 early a.m.

I was an ape.  Not an ordinary ape, but a member of a band of intelligent apes who wore clothes, spoke to each other and made plans.  We’d just come out of a devastating world war and there were other tribes of different species of apes as well as other animals.

The leader of our group decided to split us up.  One group would go forward and set up camp while the other stayed behind as a defensive front.  We respected and loved our leader and knew that we were in danger of extermination — there was no time for games.

2nd Dream – 9/12/15 early a.m.

I was on a modern day construction site, watching builders attempt to put up some type of framework for a wall.  They were having trouble driving the stakes into the ground and could not get a firm enough fitting for a steady wall because something was blocking them from doing this.

There was a doorway within another wall that was next to where they were trying to build, but I do not think the workers could see it. I recall being very concerned about their inability to build the wall so I, an observer, decided to go to the other side of the wall to see if I could find out what was preventing the footing.

Once on the other side, I was suddenly in a pub, which felt Irish.  The people were laughing and drinking and pointing to where the construction workers would have been standing.  There was a closet in the pub and you could hear the knocking of the workers.  The people in the pub were laughing because they said the place was haunted.  They thought the knocking was coming from ghosts, but I knew it was the construction crew on the other side in an alternate, but close dimension.

3rd Dream – 9/12/2015 early a.m.

I was in a kitchen with a family of four.  The father was upset with the mother who was leaning against the oven facing him and her two children.  The father, his daughter and son were seated in a small dining area, which was a part of the kitchen.  In this dream I am an observer and they do not see me.  A heavy set woman who was about the same age as the mother was standing next to the mother, however she appeared to be translucent and the mother did not know she was there.  She seemed to be facing similar circumstances as the mother in my dream.

I received an impression that she was somehow connected to the family.  The young teenage daughter eventually saw her glowing and yelled out, “I can see you!  Your name is Irma!”

The heavy set woman exclaimed, “You can see me?  My name is Irma and I can see you too!”  In Irma’s reality, the teenager was the ghost.

Synopsis of the Dreams

When I woke up, I was still in a dreamy state and I remembered the dreams clearly.  I then heard a thought — not sure if it was mine or if it belonged to another mind.  The thought was that the shape of the pyramids was triangular and that the egyptian pyramids were constructed in such a way as to create a portal because time travel takes place when you open up spaces between the time spaces and points.  Walls, triangles, angles, etc, serve as doorways to time spaces, which is why circular shapes are considered safe for magickal purposes.  I would not be surprised if magickal rituals were taking place inside certain areas of the pyramids, unbeknownst to and shut off from the general public.  Those that are in power locked those pyramids down a long time ago and allow you to see only what they want you to see, no matter how much you pay for your egyptian tour, however because they are not the sacred, rightful custodians, they can only retain the limited power they do have until the true custodians are ready to be awakened.

The pyramids are magickal in nature in that they are one of the only structures that are exempt from the concept of time and can be physically visited by anyone, whether they be in the past, present or future.  The truth is, we cannot really see them as they truly are while we are in this dimension.  There are certain other structures that can be seen from any dimension, as well — possibly places like Stone Hinge.

Keep in mind that even if a time space occurs in a certain year, it has been on the tapestry since the beginning of time, because the year in which it occurs in someone’s life has no bearing on how long it has existed.  For example, think of the game of Monopoly.  If your game piece is on Park Avenue and you are about to move your piece three spaces up, Park Avenue still exists even if your piece is somewhere else on the game board and you can always go back Park Avenue by moving your game piece.

Psychics are people who can perceive various spaces on the tapestry, from within any spot on the tapestry, without being in the space that they are perceiving.  They can perceive these spaces via sight, sound, knowing, smell and touch.

Portals and Spaces

When I was a little girl, I always asked why certain church people wore hats or cloths on their heads.  Actually a better way of saying this is, in the space where my childself was, I asked the aforementioned question — because my childself is still there.  This means a lot of things that I do not want to get into at this time, however I did another blog about energy confinement and I think it’s someone’s job to determine who goes where and what they can do in each space.

Keep in mind, as long as the sacred custodians remain dumb, deaf and blind, imposters can come in and entertain Powers because……Powers like to be entertained and someone has to do it, even if they do not do it well.  It’s like settling for sex with a temporary beau until you meet your soul mate.

Back to the question that I had as a child.  I was given the answer that the bible said women must not come to the church with their heads uncovered.  Actually, men probably should not either because the chakras are portals and this includes the head chakra (look up the term chakra if you do not know what it means — full descriptions are readily available online).

Based on my understanding, following are some portals/passageways through which people can pass to other spaces in time…..and this is my opinion:





Bodily Chakras

Walls (I always see people passing through walls in my dreams.)


Smoke, to include incense smoke and tobacco/cannibis smoke




Altars/Holy Places/Places of Mass Destruction or Suffering

Tarot Cards or other methods of divination

during certain Sun and Moon Phases (I am not sure if it is done at certain times or by some other astral denomination)

Natural formations like mountains, crevices, ley lines

Mind Creations/Faith

Something like a knife, gunshot or sword can create a portal opening

Now keep in mine that these spaces or tapestries are interwoven or wrapped around each other with some being horizontal, some diagonal, some vertical and some circular to form what we know as sacred geometry.  It is sort of how a baby is formed in the womb — as above so below.  Therefore time is like a person and the existence of the left hand does not negate the fact that the right foot can exist at the same time and each bodily part is connected.  Such is the concept of time.

Who Can Pass Through the Portals of Time Space?

Any mind/soul/spirit who has been given a passport, however only the accomplished who are able to speed up physical energy, can pass physically.

Typically when we are in REM sleep, we are allowed to pass more easily into other spaces in time to include some illusionary possibilities, if there is such a thing.  We are allowed to do this for the purposes of learning, protection, and foresight without being considered to be a psychic. However, since many minds are dull, most do not remember the experiences and cannot utilize them to their advantage.

I have heard people say that everyone is psychic and to a certain extent, everyone has the mechanics in place, however everyone does not have the same stamps on their passports or the same experience or know how that is developed over many lifetimes.

Everything that has ever happened is on the game board right now (some people call this the Akasha), however some religions teach that people are not suppose to willfully move to or see other spaces during waking life.

I don’t think the church needs to worry about this because they don’t give out the passports and those who don’t have one, can’t go anyway. Most of the dominant religious leaders don’t have passports either, which is why they resort to war and guns.

This theory actually destroys the entire concept of necromancy because those who are dead in certain spaces are still alive in others.  Death is actually a transition to another dimension where things are happening much like in this one.  Most of you have only experienced this concept via TV so you have no clue how it really works because you have NEVER been involved in a typical seancical situation.  The entire concept of going to heaven is not likely, at least not in the sense that we think of it, but there’s more.

Who is God?

Somehow all the planes and spaces are connected, forming this geometrical astral shape, which means that if the Spirits are on a specific dimensional plane and in a certain space, they can also be human on a lower plane, which is why you have to be careful about entertaining angels unawares, so to speak. If there is a creator, and (s)he/they created the spaces and evolved into the people that are in the spaces, then YOU my friend are the creator and your Higher or Original self dwells on the higher plane(s).  Such is the concept of omnipresence.

There could also be more than one original creation point, and the bodies that formed eventually intertwined like siamese twins, creating the additional dimensions.  I say this because in going by the “as above, so below” theory, we know the trees in Greenland did not come from Africa, but formed on their own, so why do all people have to come from Africa?

Perhaps the bones of Lucy in east Africa are those of a monstrous woman that evolved as a result of a nuclear holocaust.  The bones are so old that she represents a future point in time and the neanderthal dna could have served another purpose, but mutated, and #neanderthals could be a future phenomenon.  Six in one hand, half dozen in the other.

What is really sad is that with all of the masterful planning and mathematics that went into this entity that we call ‘creation’, the status quo is still teaching a Big Bang Theory in school systems because the teachers of such systems have no mechanisms, with which to comprehend anything that is higher, therefore they use illustrious words, spoken accents and fancy hardback books to pass off utter stupidity that some have actually bought into.

I am going to let this go for now, and remember…..this is my opinion, which I briefly touched on last year in the space known as 2014 lol.


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