Who Is God?

We are not required to take care of the Sun yet it influences and gives life. Also, we cannot destroy the Sun because anything that we would set against it would itself be destroyed. Therefore by virtue of Its power, influence, indestructability and intensity it has to be a Sentient Being, specifically if those subordinate to It are sentient.

We cannot live without the Sun because if It did not offer us Its current energies we would die and so would the earth. And if the earth had no life would the moon revolve around it?

Therefore the Sun and any other Entity(ies) that It is subject to, operates in true Supreme God status with nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken and almost nothing That can destroy It…..almost nothing.

Giving life does not make one a god, it only positions one for honor or respect.

If a being requires of others love or worship in order to be fulfilled or have life, can that being be considered to be a god if true God status means that One requires nothing of others for creation, wholeness and sustenance?

A true God sustains Him or Herself because none other has anything that it could give It and It’s existence precedes the thoughts of others because others are issued from It. The only other things that I can think of that are similar to the Sun would be Space (The Primordial Waters or Seeds/Etheric stem cells of creativity, consciousness and intent) and Time (Chronos/Existence Itself), the latter of which is a concept that most cannot even begin to understand and It Chronos, is the only Being that can defeat the Sun, WHICH CONFIRMS THAT TIME IS SENTIENT BASED IN THIS POSTULATION. Neither of these Three can be destroyed by most though All of these three are required and therefore are Sentient Beings, with Time and Space (Time’s Consort) having dominion over the Sun (Their Seed and our God).

This is the foundation of ALL mysteries and myths, which are not myths at all, but which were created just for comprehension of the aforementioned facts. This is also why women are Gods over men because the womb is Sacred Space in which creation can take place and this is something that men do not have. It has also been proven that women can create with the space at Will and without men even though men would not want to make this public or to teach this in schools.

Only those who can control and create with Time and Space are true God(desses) whether they know it or not because if the postulation “as above so below” is correct then women are not only the gods of this earth, but also have the ability to create above as well (outside of themselves). However if said woman allows a man to control her mind and power, causing her to believe that she is not whole without him, then that man becomes a god over her.

What women do not realize is that to give all power to men is highly destructive as men and power will call complete destruction of the world. Only women retain the knowing that prevents complete destruction due to a quality that we have called empathy, which once men get into destructive mode is completely lacking.

Hence the purpose of witch trials is to destroy a weak woman’s ability to create and to confiscate her power of birth and make it a hostage of men. Fortunately, and as all can testify to, men have no power over true witches and cannot destroy them, though some have been brave enough to try.

Make no mistake women also can destroy however mostly it is due to insanity or the overuse of emotion. Most women who are in their right minds and who have methods of controlling their emotions will trust and implore Time to judge and handle all situations that appear to be out of control. Hence these situations (or people) soon destroy themselves.

If a woman does not have an intimate, integrous relationship with Time and Space (Patience, Intention and Silence) and cannot manipulate it (magick), she herself is headed for destruction along with the rest of the world.


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Renee Tarot

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