Multi-Dimensional Existentialism

More than #Three #Dimensions Can Be Confusing

I have to admit, when people start to talk about 4th, 5th+ dimensions, I haven’t heard a definition that is easy to understand, even though a thorough understanding of #sacred geometry would probably answer the question ‘what is the meaning of life?’.  Also, when we discuss past, present and future as all existing right now, that is difficult to grasp when I know my grandmother passed away a certain number of years ago, which would mean it happened today, however if our past affects our now and our future, it may as well have happened today, but that would also mean, I am……..well you get my drift.

In my dreams, deceased people go through walls in order to leave our plane.  What if putting up a physical wall actually separates space and creates a doorway of sorts.  Does that mean that you can create a portal any place that you put up a wall?  And if teepees and pyramids are circular or triangular walls, does the shape of said items create a more powerful portal for the entrance of numerous energy beings via one focal point at the top of the structure?

If we look at the life of a cell from birth to death as it relates to a human body, from that human body’s birth to death, and then we consider Earth which is circled by the moon in its own cycle and the two revolve around the sun because the earth pulls the moon whereever it goes (like we take our cells where ever we go), and if we could really see, this galaxy from a big picture, the Milky Way probably revolves around something HUGE along with other #galaxies, then that is how i see multi-dimensionalism. If you also take the time to ponder things such as this, your thoughts are most welcome.


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