Energy Prison

One of my biggest #challenges is to allow my perfect plan to flow without falling back to the things I know and love (from the previous life). With a #south #node of Scorpio my witchy “save the world with #magick” tendencies and fascination with the afterlife beg to release themselves from the prison of my current situation, north node Taurus. Now with all of the wonderful benefits that come with Taurus, it is so friggin opposite of my heart that the ease of material possessions do nothing to assuage my longing for the battlefield and for pain.

Yes, pain. Human beings like to feel and however you do that will determine what unconscious steps you take to get to that end result.

Sometimes I can see walls of plasma all around me and when I get too far down the wrong road, I am literally STOPPED! Now I’d like to ask you a question. Have you taken the time to check your star plan to determine what it is you are suppose to be doing? Perhaps your conscious knowledge of this plan can prevent you from having the face full of plasma that results when you bang your head against the gooey walls of energy confinement. I recommend this very inspired blog by someone that has a really good understanding of north/south node astrology —


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