Flash Fiction | The Honey Bees of Orun – An African-American Yoruba Story

Not too long ago in the United States of America, golden sweet honey became a luxury crop and very expensive for people to buy. Nobody wanted to be a honeybee keeper, and due to lack of interest in the work and inability to genetically modify the food, honey was scarce.

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Kindle Vella Series Excerpt: Krakenta’s Chaos Spell

Following is an excerpt to be released on December 19th on Amazon Kindle Vella Series Sagittarius Sun: Rejected Mate Shifter Series by Renee Tarot. Read and follow the series and share the link!

Krakenta pulled a thick woolen shawl closely around herself as protection from the cold winds blowing through trees in the forest. She carried a bag of tools and supplies over her left shoulder while her familiar and friend, Eyeball the Komodo dragon, rode atop her right.

“It is as cold as the belly of Hades out here tonight, but silent, as we need it to be,” Krakenta whispered to Eyeball as she, finally satisfied with a quiet opening at the base of a hill, placed her bag on the cold earthen floor.

Eyeball jumped to the ground with a thud, seemingly in agreement with the spot, while Krakenta worked quickly to secure it in a circle of sea salt she poured from a corked glass bottle. Round and round she walked chanting quietly while working, until she was content with the thickness of the circle.

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When Dragons Were Men – The First Seven

All rights to When Dragons Were Men – The First Seven© reserved by Renee Tarot courtesy of www.anointedgroove.com .

In the Beginning, in a Time Before Kings and Kingdoms…

When Earth, also known as Mayah, was manifested under the Laws of The All Existent Beingness called DA’O, Mayah cloaked her majestic form in primordial dark waters, which she used to hide, protect and nourish herself. Soon she and her Creator/Partner DA’O conceived within the depths underneath the waters.

Fiery hearths of twin lives burned within her in the caverns of preformed volcanoes and these living fires took form as Fire Creatures whose hair was strongly textured tendrils, as their Father’s, and whose armored skin was the color of toasted flames. These were giants, born two, manifested as twin flames within the caverns of their mother, born in and of herself by the DA’O, formed within the pre-volcanic lavic caves of brimstone, ash and water. Mayah named the male twin Drayghan and his sister she called Mayghan, the first of the Dragonoids.

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Read “Sagittarius Sun: Rejected Mate Shifter Series” on Kindle Vella

You enjoy dark fantasy, shifters and romance with a touch of erotica. Dive into the interesting and dystopian world of the Equine Sea and enter the wild Isles of Bruton and Lagerhaven for an action-packed adventure that can only be found on Amazon’s Kindle Vella.

Welcome to Lagerhaven

This is a story about love, war, demons and witches. It is akin to the ever-evolving story of mankind, its myths and legends. There is nothing new under the sun, and evolution has brought the world back to a place seen before in human history. In the year 2300 CE, mankind has destroyed itself again as in the days of Atlantis.

Years before, humans had created a beautiful, technologically savvy world, but war, famine, greed, bioengineering errors and chaos threatened to take them back to square one, however this time they were able to salvage some things.


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Introducing Jeph Gile – A Shifter Series on Amazon’s Kindle Vella

Crap Happens, Just to Make You Turn!

Sometimes people challenge you because of who you are. Fated decisions are made, then you are born into certain circumstances, that can be within or beyond your control. No matter where these circumstances come from, they were NEVER meant to overcome YOU, but to prompt your evolution!

This is where we meet Jeph Gile, a man, who for whatever reasons, is not completely accepted, however those same people who want to shun him, end up needing him in the end.

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Shifters Really Do Exist!

In 2014 a BBC News article reported a shifter woman who was persecuted and called a witch in Oshodi, an area within Lagos, Nigeria. People did not like what they had witnessed; a black bird flying through the sky, accidently hitting an electrical line, then falling to the ground and turning into an old woman. The woman was immediately demonized in the street upon her landing and her already burnt body was shot and attacked by a mob. The raging crowd lit into the woman who had done something they could not do. The woman died while en route to the hospital, shortly after police rescued her from the mob.

Ancient biblical scripture has incorporated hybrid animal-humanoids as God, however to be such in the modern world is a dangerous ordeal.

Meet Maya, One of the Original Shapeshifters | Space: 1999 – The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Jeph Gile and some of his associates are shapeshifters, who because of their special gifts, possess superhuman abilities, which must be hidden from public view. For the aforementioned reasons, Jeph is forced to assimilate into normal human life and to remain undetected…hidden from view.

The modern world treats differences of all kinds in the same way — with fear, however it is time to accept a new idea of mankind, that has been hidden in the vestiges of denial, much like the dragon kingdom, that was forced through hidden portals into other realms.

Follow us on Kindle Vella and enjoy the triumphs and tragedies of Jeph Gile, a story that is meant to teach and entertain you. Kindle Vella stories are told one short episode at a time, perfect for lunch breaks, kid breaks and general enjoyment for those of you who have a lot on your plate, but still want time to enjoy a great read!

Episodes will be released each week til the end of the series.

Read the first few episodes absolutely free!

Join Renee Tarot in this exciting shifter series and get to know Jake, the Perez Brothers and The Gile Group as these characters come alive and dare you to accept the impossible. Every story has meaning and is meant to uplift you from where you are right now, because all that matters in the Universe is Soul Evolution.

The Creative Power of Neptune at 13 Degrees Pisces

Neptune was in the 12th, the Sun in the 1st and a mostly full Moon in Scorpio in the 7th, when I awoke from a dream and saw a vision of a dragon-clawed hand with a mucus-covered, newborn baby nestled in it……

Neptune at 13 Degrees takes us to New Levels of Vision

Many of you who follow me already know that I have weird dreams, and you may be asking yourself, how can it get any stranger???  Well with Neptune at 13, and 1+3 equaling 4, we are talking having these creative dreams more clearly and frequently, as well as putting them to work.  This means inventions, stories, books, art, etc., will be inspired by the misty visages that Neptune will bring to us during this season in Pisces.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s Neptune/Pluto retrograde conjunct in a 9th Gemini is basically fodder for fantasy, and he was able to take these energies and put them to work with the likes of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Make Money with Neptune!

Have you had any strange visions or dreams lately?  Even the one snapshot of the dragon holding the baby, or what appears to have been a dragon holding a babe, has set off an idea in my mind, which could easily be translated to an Amazon ebook, should I feel the notion or take the time to develop it — it was just that profound.

Keep in mind that if this snippet sparks a movie or TV series, I still need creative credits, even though this is just a blog…..


The newborn, though covered in slime, was remarkably beautiful and rested comfortably within the claws of her reptilian grandfather. I stared at it, surprised and almost loving it, thinking the babe’s beauty to be a miracle considering the face of the wretched creature through which it had just come, yet my seed had helped to create it.  It was part of me, and the similarity to my baby sister would have caused tears to sting my eyes, had I any left.

My bony hands grasped the dead, tree limbs that held me captive in the moldy corner of an underground lair, where I hold the unfortunate title as entertainer for a young, hybrid princess. Though half human, somehow the red princess had not received many of the characteristics of a woman, save her lust for human men.  The hag lie still on a bed made of the bones of her previous captives, seemingly content listening to the coos of the ethereal creature that I was forced to share.

A scaly intermediary turned to me after listening to the mugs and grunts of the slimy, giant king and said, “You must take her back into the land of mortals and rear her in the ways of humans, however there is one thing you will remember.  It is now summer, and she must be brought back here at this time each season, accompanied by you in order to spend time with her mother and to learn the ways of her own kind.  We will assure your transport.”

I said nothing, and felt neither joy nor sorrow as I had long since imagined that I was dead, while inside the fishy confines of the half human, dragon-beast princess.  I glanced at the wall where I had inscribed my name so that I would not forget it.  I saw the faint etchings of the name  “Fulu” and the fading out of lines where I had stopped counting the full moons.

The intermediary, sensing my disdain, decided to warn me again, pointing to my face with wet, webbed hands, “if you try to run away, we will find you.  This long-awaited child is precious and will be an ambassador between our kind and yours…..for years we have desired one such as this.”

I could not recall how long I had been in this place, yet I knew my family must have stopped searching for me by now, assuming me dead.  I glanced at the child again, partly out of curiosity, but also to show the intermediary that I had heard him, for fear that he might claw my already raw face as he had done days ago when I refused to go near the pregnant, foul-smelling bitch.  The child appeared to be quite healthy and happy, yet the tiniest nubs on either side of her back revealed her dominant lineage, and I could only imagine what these nubs would develop into, however they could be hidden for now.  

Yes, I had started to create a story and a plan for returning to the world of mortals, realizing I had no other choice.

A glimmer of hope raised its disloyal head in my heart, but was quickly overcome by the more dedicated dread that I would once again taste freedom, but have to return to this cold, wet, horrid place, knowing full well that if I ever attempted to abandon the babe and escape, I would be torn to pieces by watchers in the shadows…