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You enjoy dark fantasy, shifters and romance with a touch of erotica. Dive into the interesting and dystopian world of the Equine Sea and enter the wild Isles of Bruton and Lagerhaven for an action-packed adventure that can only be found on Amazon’s Kindle Vella.

Welcome to Lagerhaven

This is a story about love, war, demons and witches. It is akin to the ever-evolving story of mankind, its myths and legends. There is nothing new under the sun, and evolution has brought the world back to a place seen before in human history. In the year 2300 CE, mankind has destroyed itself again as in the days of Atlantis.

Years before, humans had created a beautiful, technologically savvy world, but war, famine, greed, bioengineering errors and chaos threatened to take them back to square one, however this time they were able to salvage some things.


Two hundred years prior, in a war-torn, disease-ridden world, scientists made extraordinary strides to understand how to save humanity from itself by tapping into DNA via epigenetics in order to create a better breed; a shapeshifter, one that was more conscious, logical, understanding and caring — one that was not self-destructive. Scientists knew each human held within their DNA, vestiges of mineral, plant and animal ancestors, into which they could shift. It was decided the animal kingdom held the award for highest levels of empathy, and it was necessary for humans to get back to their base animal natures and instinct in order to survive and love again. This resulted in doctors using the ideology of epigenetics to recreate societies, resulting in various species of shapeshifters who multiplied across the earth. Unfortunately, the ideas about becoming animal shifters to get back to love and communal living did not turn out so well, but instead backfired.

Additionally, over the course of time, due to satellite-induced earthquakes and volcanic activity, the geography of the earth changed, resulting in a set of new islands that began popping up over the globe. No more was the time of race or color bias, but moreso animal shifter discrimination. Shifters of all types sought safe havens in which to settle to escape the treatment of other shifters as well as non-shifting humans.

Horse shifters, centaurs and non-shifting undesirables who related to them settled on two islands, Lagerhaven and Bruton, which are located in what was formerly the Norwegian Sea [renamed the Equine Sea], with the two isles being separated by a series of keys or smaller isles that are connected by rickety, old bridges.

The people of the isles have struggled to grow their populations, however due to numerous wars and squirmishes, the worst of which occurred in the year 2295, lives are continually exterminated.

Who are the Women of Bruton?

Against this #darkfantasy backdrop are the stories of three women. Calista Equus, a young horse shifter who seeks to escape her controlled life in Lagerhaven, settles on the more colorful island of Bruton, but must reject her assigned mate, Lucas Percheron, for whoever or whatever can truly win her heart.

Sigrid Andal is a beautiful mare who heads a reverse harem, which she is challenged to keep together on the wild island of Bruton. Her true love, Magnus, is a part of this harem; the question is, will he be willing to leave it and its beautiful mistress or can she retain her status as queen on his throne? Sigrid is challenged, not only by Calista, but by her long-term associate and unknown enemy, Krakenta Boyle, a multi-generational witch who will stop at nothing to get who and what she wants.

The combined quests for love with blood magick, demons and war lead to hours of fantastical entertainment via your electronic reading device.

Read Sagittarius Sun: Rejected Mate Shifter Series on Kindle Vella!

Follow this dark fantasy series to enjoy Calista’s, Sigrid’s and Krakenta’s adventures and to root them on to success (or not) as they cross each others’ paths and face many bloody, obstacles in the process.

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