When Dragons Were Men – The First Seven

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In the Beginning, in a Time Before Kings and Kingdoms…

When Earth, also known as Mayah, was manifested under the Laws of The All Existent Beingness called DA’O, Mayah cloaked her majestic form in primordial dark waters, which she used to hide, protect and nourish herself. Soon she and her Creator/Partner DA’O conceived within the depths underneath the waters.

Fiery hearths of twin lives burned within her in the caverns of preformed volcanoes and these living fires took form as Fire Creatures whose hair was strongly textured tendrils, as their Father’s, and whose armored skin was the color of toasted flames. These were giants, born two, manifested as twin flames within the caverns of their mother, born in and of herself by the DA’O, formed within the pre-volcanic lavic caves of brimstone, ash and water. Mayah named the male twin Drayghan and his sister she called Mayghan, the first of the Dragonoids.

These two, nourished in their mother’s belly, grew large and bountiful, until one day, Mayah realized they had grown too large for her to contain them within her womb so she birthed them out of it through the first Volcano ever to explode from her depths and there they landed, fire-breathing and hungry on a deserted, volcanic land, still smoldering amongst the ashes.

Drayghan and Mayghan Explore the Evolving Surface of Earth.

The Mayahn Dragonoids were not the only of Mayah’s creatures as she was creative indeed, so by the time the dragon children were birthed, there were other islands, the arms, elbows, knees and feet of Mayah herself, who had grown up and out of the waters. The inners underneath the seas remained and continued to be called by the name Mayah, however her emerged parts she called Earth lands. There were also coral reefs and fungi, as well as parasites growing from Mayah’s body, which were referred to as trees, shrubs and animals, all existing by the law of DA’O, and developing as time progressed.

Mayah had so many thoughts, and these took flight from within her as manifested birds on wings; seeding, planting, releasing onto the exposed parts of the Earth, creating a garden tapestry, interwoven with plants, trees and animals, all according to the Laws and Wisdom of DA’O. Each color, every shape meant something particularly specific per the Wisdom of DA’O therefore nothing was haphazard and all things in synchrony and on purpose. The earliest exposed earth forms had taken shape and Drayghan and Mayghan set out to explore them.

Earth Grows and Flourishes.

During that season of Earth’s growth, many hundreds of thousands of Sun revolutions occurred, and there was no such concept as death so the dragons fully expected to exist, as they always had, as their mother always had. And over the course of time, the thoughts of Mayah, which created the swimming birds, along with their insect helpers, seeded and fertilized all lands from ocean plants, hence the first volcanic island, from whence the dragons emerged, also grew and flourished. Earth’s tree limbs and leaves shed, creating higher grounds and more of Mayah’s body grew and emerged from the seas to hold, nurture, entertain and cuddle all her children.

Drayghan and Mayghan’s wings waxed strong as they carried their giant bodies all over the planet to explore, land, learn, eat and explore again. Whenever they longed for their place of conception, they dove into the seas to the cavernous remains of the womb that had burst open with flames, which once held them comfortably. There they would feast on sea monsters and vermin, cleaning their mother’s core, but coming up for air to ensure that none of the beasts she’d created ever ruled over the dry lands.

Dragon Triplets are Born.

Of all Mayah’s creations, none were as glorious as her twins Drayghan and Mayghan who romped, fought, bit and played with each other, enjoying their beingness, exploring each other’s frames, every crease and every crevice. Soon Mayghan began to grow large and cumbersome, still able to fly, but requiring frequent amounts of rest before flying and hunting again.

One day when Mayghan slumbered on her island home in the sun, Drayghan dove into the sea, traveling without her for the first time, feeling emotions he had never before felt…concern and fear. Mayah assured him not to worry for just as she had conceived and manifested them, Mayghan had conceived and would soon manifest three, for Mayah had mastered the Laws of her Parent and Partner the DA’O and knew all things that happened within, outside and around herself.

Drayghan was extremely excited and swam as fast as his reptilian body would allow, then took to the air to share with Mayghan the great news, but then he heard a sound, unlike any he had ever heard before…it was Mayghan. Within the deep caverns of the ever-growing volcanic land they had inhabited since conception, she groaned and travailed being heard by all creatures of the earth, including a new creature that had emerged from the lands, sea and animals — a new creature that had hands and feet as the dragons, but who could not fly. These creatures had hitherto been hidden from the dragonoids by Mayah.

Mayghan travailed and from betwixt her legs one, then two and finally three dragonoids emerged and by the time Drayghan arrived, these three were suckling at the breasts of their mother.

In mid air, Drayghan cried with a loud voice that sounded like a multitude and he said, “Laxhan, Kraghan, Ashghan!”

And so it was…the names of their triplets, who suckled for many years until finally Mayghan was lean and fit to fly again, even faster sometimes than the bearded black Drayghan who put forth much effort to keep up with her.

The First Seven Soar and Rule the Earth and Seas.

Kraghan, the eldest of the triplets was a beast to be reckoned with, always taking the breasts of Mayghan first before his sister and brother and growing almost twice the size as they, large, wet and green. Ashghan, the younger of the three was more beast than man, a beautiful turquoise blue color, spending much of his time in the sea caverns deep inside his grandmother, leaving Kraghan and Laxhan to pair as did their parents before them. Laxhan was the most beautiful of the triplets, almost the spitting image of her mother, red, glorious, dreadful, breathing fire that was hotter and deadlier than her other siblings, but not as deadly as her parents’.

All of the first dragons were highly protective of each other, and especially of their youngest Ashghan, who spent most of his time with his grandmother in the sea. Over the course of time, Drayghan and Mayghan bore other children, but on different faraway lands as they knew their seed was highly territorial and competitive and they wanted each set of children to rule and conquer all portions of Earth, but without destroying each other.

Soon Ashghan swam with the beasts of the sea and created a completely new creature with a fish maiden called Phlymygea, who swam within the fires of Ashghan’s lair and laid the first dragon eggs, for before Phlymygea, dragons bore smaller dragons, as dragons, and not as eggs. However, since Ashghan was more beast than the others and chose the sea as his main dwelling place, he became the father of the egg-laying dragons for fish maidens lay eggs and did not bear their own flesh kind, but only eggs.

Pixabay.com by sergeitokmakov

Kraghan and Laxhan were busy exploring Earth’s lands, soon bearing twins of their own, Anastasyan and Mikhan. And so it was, dragons populated Earth in humanoid form and populated the sea as serpent-like fish creatures ruling the Earth, Air, Sea and Fire.

Mayah was so pleased with them she taught them all she knew of her forebearer, DA’O and as the dragons populated Earth and sea, they also became great cave dwellers and wielders of what modern humans refer to as magick, which is really only the truth of DA’O and foundations of high science.

Dragons Discover Man.

Of Mayah’s many children and creatures, she loved them all, however she loved the dragons best, so for hundreds of thousands of years she used her knowledge of DA’O to hide the ever-growing and learning populations of a special breed, human men, for she knew that if she did not emit clouds and portals to hide their lands, her dragon sons and daughters would take them over and destroy all human life. Humans were intelligent and aptly ruled the lands on which they dwelt, though they could not fly or breathe fire yet and were still developing. DA’O also foretold:

One day astral beings, other children of DA’O, would come from different planets, and merge themselves with the first humans to become a great and mighty race that would someday rival the dragons.

Mayah did everything within her power to keep the two separate, realizing they were of their Father and she could not keep them apart forever.

However, one day several human children, who heretofore had been told never to play in the salty sea, but to remain close to fresh rivers and springs, decided to venture out to see what lay beneath waters that framed the beautiful beaches. They knew their fathers used seaweed nets to stand ashore and capture delectable things to eat such as mollusks, oysters, fish and shrimp. The first children did not believe the sea was evil for such tasty things arose from the sea, so how could anything come of the waters, but good?

When the first children dove into the salty waters, they beheld awesome wonders that had never been seen before on land. There was red algae, glowing corals, sea whip, hidden caves, more life and places than they could have ever imagined existed. These first children were able to dive for hours without equipment for all first creatures came out of the waters, therefore they were able to live in the waters for a time.

Each day the disobedient children waited for their fathers to leave the beaches and then, under the cover of moonlight, they dove for hours at a time, until one day, in the course of his monitoring, Ashghan smelled a strange odor that was not usual for the depths of the sea. He used his monstrous snout to follow the smell to the coasts of the island where man lived, one of the islands that had been hidden from his family by clouds and portals.

He hid himself behind a giant underwater coral reef, and before his amazed eyes he spied small beings, who had arms and legs, hands and feet, like his family, but who had no scales, no wings, no horns and never breathed fire. For days Ashghan slithered mightily and silently through the dark waters, closer to the delectable smell, observing the beings he had never before seen in the ocean, who frequently went up for air. The small things smelled of sweetness, of meat, so he opened his large mouth, bearing sharp fangs and ate three of them who were closest to him — two others got away. Their taste was as sweet as their smell.

The two frantic children, who escaped, scrambled out of the waters and ran yelling to their parents who sat under giant palm tents and listened as their sons relayed what had happened to their cousins. At that time, before carrier pigeons, before smoke signals, men communicated to other men via tree roots, which reached deep into the waters and could relay thoughts to other humans on other islands via special river channels connected to tree roots. All one needed to do, was sit at the base of a river tree in a meditative state to perceive the visions. This is how man became aware of dragons and dragons of men.

Hence the wars for domination between dragon and man began as Mayah was unable to hide her ever-morphing multiplying children from each other, and dire necessity for survival caused men to come up with many inventions, with which to strengthen their bodies, hide their clans, and defend themselves, with DA’O and sword, against the first dragonoid rulers.

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