Message from the Jade Emperor

Necklace, Gift Of Jewelry, Luxury, Rich
When I speak, I speak to nourish you and tell you of good things to come. My sons, my daughters, the earth is yours to command, to honor, to grace and adorn. You have no need to worry. Do the oblations that I command each of you. Visit my temple and forsake not to honor me, your Emperor.


The Upside Down Phenomena

The Birds Have Been Singing All Night.

Also, several other occurrences have reversed from their normal direction, almost as if the Earth has begun turning and shifting in a different direction, so much so that Her magnetic pull has altered the energy of consciousness.
There was a time when humans felt they were suffering alone, however now we all know others have been affected by what this energy shift has brought about. Things are not the same.

What is Consciousness and How has It Been Affected by the Upside Down Phenomena?

The young ones won’t be affected as much since this new life will be all they know. Those who are adults ages 18 and 65 will feel it the most. Those over 65 have already adjusted to so much change that this will be par for the course.
Consciousness is a certain type of energy that brings about change without outside manipulation. It shifts, in and outside of physical bodies, simply because It wants to. What we consider to be Upside Down, could actually be a bigger universal wheel, whose alternate and much Higher Astrological House we have entered.  We know the Age of Aquarius, but what of the Age of Something Else, that affects the Sun and Planets, thereby shifting all of humanity and the animals into another dimension.

How Do You Cope with The Shift?

You’ll need new rules to navigate the Altered Universal Mind. You will have to reason with The Mind when things get too unstructured.
Sometimes things will feel unfair and they are. The Universal Mind may seem like a Trickster and you may have to let Them get away with some things. Keep it light and don’t hold grudges.
Take your time making decisions. Consequences of what you do can last a lifetime, even if only in your precious mind, which is sacred and absolutely worthy of protection.
Find someone to talk to and provide support for them also. The rescue and support should be mutual, and offering to others prevents victim archetypes from forming, which makes all of this much worse.
I believe that in this season, communication, learning to let go and flexibility will ALL be key in navigating this Transition. Since it is new for all of us, if you’ve discovered some tricks, let us know in the comments.
Renee Tarot


April 30 2022 New Moon Solar Eclipse Horary Reading

Some Esoterics are Predicting the Upcoming New Moon to be Life Changing. Will it Be?

On April 30, 2022, both the Moon and the Sun will be at 10 degrees of Taurus in the 8th House, give or take a minute or two. Looking at the transit on the actual astrology chart does make it appear to be a big deal, especially when Taurus deals with our money and already has topsy turvy Uranus influencing the deal. The Moon and Sun are not the only partners that will be lying on top of each other at this time.

A 13 degree Vertex meets a 14 degree Chiron in a 7th house Aries,  with Pallas, our governmental custodian and Minister at 0 degrees of the same house, but in Taurus. Additionally, the Libra Ascendant will merge with Parts of Fortune at 5 degrees. This will definitely affect marriages and homes in a big way, but will it be good or something else? 

Numerologically speaking, numbers 1, 5, 7 and 8 are about new beginnings, change, movement, committed partnerships and lessons learned the hard way — sounds a lot like marriage to me. Saturday is definitely a good day for a wedding, but sextile Mars in a Pisces 6th house, it’s almost like the marriage is arranged for business purposes by families.  The flavor of this eclipse seems to lend toward fated marriages, decisions to end marriages, or marriages ending due to the Pale Horse ending it, if you know what I mean.

Let’s Look at What the Tarot and Oracle Cards Say About this Eclipse.

I decided, with so many conjuncts and major players on top of each other, it would be good to look at a quick Tarot reading for the eclipse — then we will get to the Horary.  The Archetypes pulled were about energy vampirism, stumbling blocks and solitude. Almost as if those who will be left alone, will embrace the change and those who will be joining up, may miss their solitude. The Tarot stated that some of you who have been in relationships or who have known each other for quite the long while will finally tie the knot and are ready to work toward building good marriages and families. It’s the right thing to do, yeah?

Now Let’s View the Horary Chart.

I’ll admit, that some Horary questions and the approach toward interpreting the answers are really up to how the Astrologer views energies, circumstances and houses. First things first — what is the question? The question is what does the New Moon Solar Eclipse bring to the lives of the United States population, primarily.  I plan to look at the first house and its Ruler. I’ll also check the Sun and Moon’s placement at the time of the Horary reading because the eclipse on the 30th is really about them.  I want to look at the Fifth House since the Moon rules Cancer and that is it’s home. We’ll need to check the 11th house opposite the fifth house, and representing the people.  I’ll look at what is in the 7th house simply because of the Eclipse chart for the 30th and what the tarot reading showed.  I believe I understand the question and what my plan is to get an answer. The time is April 27, 2022, at 12:33 pm est so I’ll pull that chart for my Horary reading on that date and time.

The Horary chart shows Leo in the 1st house so the Sun will be primary in this reading. With Saturn in the 7th, some interpreters of charts say that exempts me from being able to do the interpretation, but I’ll proceed anyway. The Sun is at the top of the chart in Taurus, sextile Mars and Juno, the husband and wife, but square the Ascendant, mostly because of Juno, the wife. Mercury, which is sextile Jupiter is against Vesta, Juno and Saturn so Daddy doesn’t feel daughter should get married or won’t be able to be there, at least not in the flesh. Vesta, Juno, and Saturn in a 7th house Aquarius definitely indicates April 30 will be an anniversary date for a lot of new brides.

The Moon is at 0 degrees of Aries, the god of War in the 9th house at the time of the Horary reading. This could mean that some negotiations at high levels do not go well leading to unwanted compromise OR that mother of the bride does not agree with the marriage, but thinks traditionally and goes along with it, possibly due to a premarital pregnancy because she’s square Ceres. Fortune at 5 degrees in an 11th house Cancer confers with a pregnancy. It could also mean, whether you want the job or not you have to take it and work because Mom and Dad are done paying your bills. And they said it was an employee’s market!

All in all, we have marriages of convenience on a microcosmic and macrocosmic (governmental) scale. These unions will change lives going forward and will teach numerous hard life lessons for years to come, creating gurus, High Priestesses and forging soul bonds that are sure to last for a few more lifetimes because you could  not possibly learn all of the lessons in this one.
Renee Tarot

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Managing Emotions with the Pisces Stellium

There are a Load of Energies in Pisces, a Sign Requiring None.

Jupiter, Neptune, Juno, Venus, Mars and the Moon are in Pisces; life can feel difficult to manage for the entire world — note the term, feel. All of the planets are direct and Neptune has been there the longest, already wreaking havoc on your dreams, possibly turning them into nightmares, because that is what Neptune enjoys doing when he is direct. So how do you manage all of these emotions concerning love, what your significant male other may be up to, your musings as a wife and Mars weaponizing you to boot?


Those of you who have read my blogs or followed my social media pages already know about conscious electric energy and how it plays on you, influences you and becoming you.Sometimes you have to stop, look and listen. Breathe deeply to regain equilibrium in your mind. If what you are thinking wasn’t anywhere near true about a month ago, it probably is not true now, and even if it is, it won’t last. There are too many emotional fleeting influences for this to be too real, unless it is of course the day you are born, and if that were the case, you wouldn’t be able to read this blog.

Everything you feel isn’t true, which is why it is so important for us to understand astral influences and to be aware of them each day. Besides, even if there is a hint of truth there, you can always change it with your words, purposeful feelings and intentions.

Turn What You are Experiencing Into Something Positive.

So how do you take Neptune, Mars and Juno and convince them not to turn Jupiter and Venus into Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette? Be careful what you say and do these days. Everyone is going to be influenced by this, especially water signs. Less is more in conversations. Trust what you know moreso than what you feel, at least this week, and bask in the joy that you won’t have to feel this particular feeling again in your lifetime, unless Harvard comes up with a way to transfer your consciousness into a new body so that you, in your current state, exists forever. Even if they are able to do that, at least you will know that if you survived this one, you can go through it again!

Take care!



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There is a Pressure to Act Okay When You’re Not. How to Become Okay.

It is Not Okay to Not Be Okay In This Current World.

Yes, your boss may give you a day or two to pull it together. The company may even offer a certain amount of mandated leave, but soon you are on the HR radar and the concocted paper trail begins….let’s be real.

Family members and friends will listen to you, but after a while they get tired because your unidentified negative Electrical Impulses can affect them. At the end of the day the world tells you it is incumbent upon each of you to make use of the world’s resources and get yourselves together!

But What Happens When Your Problem Remains Unidentified?

Unidentified worries and issues have a way of showing up around you because ALL is MIND, which is ENERGY.  These energetic states of being called circumstances pervade your dreams and sometimes turn them into nightmares. They ride through the channels of your neural impulses to create and exacerbate anxiety.  These electrical impulses never remain quiet, but torment you from within the deep recesses of your mind, causing you to lash out at others. The problem has to be coming from somewhere so it’s everybody else, right? Not necessarily.

Unidentified problems lead to many reasons why you suffer from pervasive upset, but what is causing these problems? And how can you figure it all out to solve the issue? Some things that lead to unidentified woes include:

1. Harmful secrets kept from you by someone close to you, and energy or thought attacks from hidden enemies.
2. Energetic oppression or attack from outer or inner corporeal and noncorporeal enemies.
3. Overactive empathic skills that are untrained and cause you to pick up on the feelings of those around you — then you think they are your feelings when they are not.
4. Baggage from the past that has not been dealt with.
5. Unexpressed gifts or callings you may be running from.
6. The inability to see and therefore correct your own learned negative behaviour.
7. Negative generational energies that have run rampant and which constantly feed on your bloodline. Yep, they say you’re just like grandpa.

How to Cure the Oppression from Negative Energy.

You are not meant to be unhappy, and nobody in this world has control over whether you are or not. You are responsible for bringing into equilibrium the part of the DIVINE MIND that lives within you. Let that sink in.

Most of the time, attacks from outside come from your friends and family because nobody else knows you and they don’t really care what you do because they don’t know you. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is true. It may take you a week or a month for these things to sink in, but take your time with them because once they do, you will be ready to run to victory!
Following are just a few of the many tips you can use to cure the oppression from negative energy:
  1. Pay attention to your health and your diet. Find a licensed health practitioner you can trust because you deserve to be healthy. Bad diets, illness, yeast, gut bacteria and drug side effects can wreak havoc on you so paying attention to your general physical health is the first step to success.
  2. Once you’ve done your physical due diligence, pay attention to your environment. Do you live in a home that housed people with a lot of ill will toward each other? Is your home dirty or cluttered? Do your sneakers stick to the floor when you walk around? Take a few weekends to clean up! Better to sit on a clean floor than to lounge around on germs, mites and lice. Get a good floor cleaner; pull that 30 year old carpet up; destroy mold and mildew; get rid of great-grandma’s old fabric couch. A bit of spring cleaning goes a really long way!
  3. Now it’s time to look at friends and family because it is those closest to you that drive the deepest daggers. Who do you deal with that every time you talk to them on the phone or go out with them you feel bad or sad afterwards? Who is the most critical of you, feeding the dialogue of most of your negative self talk? Who offers you food and leaves you with a tummy ache? Who shows up in your dreams wielding a gun aimed directly at you? I’m pretty much willing to bet you are fearfully and wonderfully made because I’ve never seen a person who is not, but who tells you bad things about yourself? You may have to spend less time with this particular person or these people. If you are in a situation where you cannot, I guarantee you, if you intentionally meditate on having a peaceful environment, you soon will be able to separate AND you will find yourself better off as a result. NOTHING is impossible.
  4. Now it’s time to change that self talk. You’ve been beating yourself up for a really long time, basically ever since you became self aware around age seven or so. You think you don’t measure up. That is a lie! You are free to succeed. Every electrical impulse that seeks to destroy you is itself destroyed! The Universal Mind leads you to the remedies you need. YOU build up your positive energy reserves through prayer, inspirational and motivational reads, meditation and great mantras practiced every single day! Generational curses will feed on themselves until they self-consume! You did not come to play, you came to slay!
  5. Time to deal with jealousy and envy. Yes, I know your sister was the prom queen and all the boys you liked had a crush on her. Oh, and your mom is the president of all her clubs, when you’d rather be holed up in your room with your Kindle in the dark [unless it’s an old paperwhite and then you use the clamp-on LED]. So you’re not interested in being class president, or the CEO of a company, but you are still highly valuable to this world. Get in where you fit in and do you, even if you have everything ordered and delivered from Amazon and you have not left the house in three weeks because you did not want to, look how many delivery jobs you’ve provided to the community! You’re awesome and getting better every day. There’s no need to hate. You get to be whoever you consciously want to be because we need all the “Game of Thrones” creators we can get! And if all you are good at is keeping kids, you deserve a crown because that would drive many completely insane and we need someone to cradle civilization’s future in their arms! No matter how sad that song you wrote sounds, it is going to pep someone up just because it makes them feel understood so go ahead and write it! You have value, you have merit, but you must live intentionally and drive out all unpleasantness that seeks only to pull down. Stop second-guessing yourself.

The Job of a Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Advisors like to stick their noses into the electronic pulse of the world and keep it there. They converse often with the Universal Mind and use tools and books to stay informed, often walking through this world with few friends due to an inner drive to remain available to help others.
Most of the time they suffered through exactly what you are dealing with, but they received extrasensory information on how to tackle it. Through their tools and senses, they have learned to speak to language of the Universal Mind and can help you to identify what it is you need to know to energetically rise above your situation.
Spiritual Advisors understand chemicals, which make up everything and everyone, are reduced to energy, which is basically some form of varying levels of conscious electricity and this ‘stuff’ affects us physically, spiritually and mentally. There are numerous ways to identify, improve upon and practice being okay.
Help is available for you!


Imagine Your New and Improved World!

Destroy the Thoughts That Bring You Down.

When events occur and affect you in a negative way, reverberations and repercussions take place like a stone hitting a body of water. You didn’t ask for it, but it happened and it hurts.

It takes time to still the waves, and in addition to time, you must reprogram your heart and mind and purposefully tell yourself, ‘everything IS good and will work out as it should.”

When you find yourself reliving a negative past event, you must come up with coping mechanisms to intentionally interrupt the thoughts. Sometimes therapists can assist with providing these methods. At other times, depending upon you and the situation, more controlled methods are required. The main key is to do something!  Do not expect to stop hurting on your own. Get help.

Why Do You Relive Negative Past Events?

There are a number of reasons why you intentionally relive negative past events. Here are a few, but not all:
  1. By reliving the event, you want to remind the Universe that something should be done about what happened, in case the Universe forgets.
  2. Reliving the past event keeps you, in that moment in time, valid and alive. If you did not matter to your victimizer, you must matter to yourself. You think forgetting you in that moment is not an option.
  3. You find it hard to believe that someone could have done that to you. By rethinking it over and over again, you seek to understand pure selfishness. Most of the time this leads to self blame and does not change the victimizer or help the situation.
  4. Fear of a repeat begins to form. There is a fear that if you forget, you will become less vigilant and it can happen again. You never want to be taken off guard.
  5. You don’t like change and you are use to feeling miserable. Who will you become if this situation was gone?
  6. Your perpetrator is still in your life and still victimizing you so they can’t be forgotten.

Once the Negative Thoughts and Events Are Controlled, You Can Soar!

When you ask for and receive help and learn how to control your mind and exit negative situations (physically and mentally), your energy vibrations will change, thus affecting everything that happens around you. There will be certain people who cannot come near you because they will be repulsed by your high vibratory activity or taken away by other humans.

Your circumstances WILL change and they WILL become new and unfamiliar. The people you are use to will leave. Prepare for this.You’ll be fine — better than you are now.

Do NOT let that scare you into going back to or lying for someone you know, even when they hurt you.

The key here is that the change starts within you and you cannot be afraid of change to the point of avoiding unfamiliar territory.

Affirmations for a Great New Life

  1. I rise above negativity that exists in other time spaces and learn good things from those experiences. Everybody can.
  2. Help is available for me and I use it.
  3. My focus on the positive pushes me in a forward direction where I want to be.
  4. I am not afraid of the unknown. Earth is my home and Mother.
  5. I release and forget everything that does not serve me. (let this sink in)
  6. I am always protected from harm and danger.
  7. I embrace my new and improved soul and vibration.
Happy Changing!