Who Are You — Really?

Depression, Schizophrenia

There Is a Lot More to You Than Meets the Eye.

All of your life you’ve been told you are you. One person. One identity. But, oh how untrue this is. You are a highly multiplicitous set of energies, with varying consciousnesses, memories, avatars, archetypes, ancestral influences, spirit energies, etc., all wrapped up in the flesh that you call yourself. Remember you lived inside your mom as an egg all her life, feeding off her own blood until she birthed you so you even have her influences to some extent. Yes, truly the kingdom is within you.

Get to Know Who You Are — All of You.

You will find happiness and tranquility when you accept who you really are, decide who you want to be, then put a plan into motion. When you are true to your own self. Your complete self, forms your external world. It influences who comes around you, what career you pursue, who you date, who becomes a part of your family, etc. In order to create the world you want, you have to get to know all of you. And yes, you can kick out parts of yourself that you feel no longer serve.

Perfect You.

You hear the phrase ‘nobody’s perfect’ all of the time. However, soul evolution and growth is your purpose for being here.  Your life should improve as time passes by and who you are will grow, suffer setbacks, deal with problems, learn more about life, and eventually continue to improve. However, for that improvement to begin, self knowledge is crucial.

If you are haunted by one or more of your former selves, or a former marriage or a former friendship, you MUST go back to who you were at that time and deal with you. I promise you, he/she is still inside you influencing your actions.

People tend to create Self-Archetypes who are formed during traumatic times in their lives and never leave voluntarily.

Even if you do have an archetype that has hung around, there are ways to deal with those personalities. Here are a few things that might help:

  1. Understand that the archetype exists to validate your pain. If you drive it away, it is as if you never went through what you did. This archetype serves as a memorial to let everybody know, “it happened to me!” Speak to this archetype [when you are alone]. Tell it that you understand it is an energy of you that formed for you from your past. Let you/it know that what happened has been chronicled in the annals of the akasha and will be remembered for as long as you want it to be. Then tell it that its place is done in your life. Tell it to go rest. Then tell yourself, “I’ve learned from the incident that formed this archetype and am a better person because of it.”  Tell the archetype to rest and sleep. You can even imagine burying it in the family cemetary.
  2. Take back your personal power. There is nobody in this world that is more valid than you. Nobody in this world who has a right to be here more than you. Nobody can control you unless you want them to. When you are ready for release, KNOW that the UNIVERSE will immediately go into motion to orchestrate your complete freedom. Elohim is waiting on you.
  3. Protect your personal power. Stay away from situations and people who are toxic. Get to know people before you give them your heart because they will become a part of you. Don’t go by their words, give them a few months to show you their deeds. Love yourself most. Prioritize yourself and do not call it selfishness. But also, let go of your fairy tales. Walt Disney ruined a lot of young girls with promises that will never happen. People are people. Accept reality and build your world from there.
Once you do these things and a few others, you will begin to see positive change and growth in yourself and your surroundings.


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