If Ever There Was Need for a Book Burning…

Bible, Open, Book, Pages, Open BibleThroughout Human Times, You Have Been Subject To Some Primary Form of Forced Religious or Spiritual Thought.

Someone, by virtue of their powerful astral chart, numerology, energy, what have you, has always been in charge on this planet. You, in your ever-present, always-reincarnating glory, were here and subject to that leader’s authority. In an effort to maintain order, that leader mandated a law for you to follow regarding your spiritual beliefs. It may have involved the burning of books or fetishes. It may have involved incorporating a recently conquered kingdom’s gods into your household, resulting in the changing of your god’s name. Whatever the case, now you are primarily subject to governmental empires on earth that are largely under Abrahamic religions. These religions expose you to specific holy days [holidays] and even teachings of doom, despite testimonies by those who have died, that only unconditional love and states of non-judgement await you.

Despite What You May Have Heard, The Bible is Not a Book, But a Library, Though Some of the Books in this Library, Demand Corrections.

There are too many encouraging scriptures and wisdom passages in the bible to throw the baby out with the bath water. Yet some of the scriptures you think are truth are not. Never take anyone’s word for it. Always consider the words you hear and determine within your own heart whether or not they make sense.
Constantine had a great motive to create a religion — he was building a one world order — an empire. All bishops who did not agree to the general consensus were killed or excommunicated because it was necessary to come up with a belief system for without it no empire can exist.
Despite modern science and archaeological finds disproving some of the current bible, common sense disproves much of the rest. Let me give you an example. You may have heard that you reap what you sow, however everyone does not reap what they sow. Everyone does not even remember everything they have sown. For every detective movie that you watch where a criminal is caught, 10,000 more criminals go free. How many innocent children and people do you know who suffer or die, while old evil people live on and prosper? The purpose of the TV shows and the bible is to convince millions of you that you will be caught so that you will do the right thing and not commit crimes against others! They are trying to get into your heads, however is this necessary or does it incite people to commit more crimes to see if they can get away with them?
Look around you and talk to your elders. Older people know truth because they have lived long enough to see how the Universal Mind plays itself out in people’s lives. For the most part, Universal Energy is neutral, however, your belief is what brings things to pass in your life. Be careful of the truths you adopt because everything you are told is truth or scripture is not.
Every culture says God created their people first. Ile Ife is where Oludumare created the first people, the Yorubans. The Garden of Eden is where Elohim created the first people, the Hebrews. Why wouldn’t each culture elevate their own ancestors as gods and the planet’s original humans, even when the evidence shows the originals to be the Khoisan people of South Africa? Who wants to be second? Nobody.

You Need to Be as Realistic and as Positive as Possible.

Every book in the Bible that promotes depression, hopelessness, guilt, judgement, tunnel vision, elitism, prejudice, damnation and other inquisitional abuses, should be removed from current canon. Any scripture that promotes a people as being first should be clear it is referring to the origin of a particular family as opposed to the human race as a whole in order to prevent an innocent from taking it on as fact.
Seriously, as a human species we are past this.
These books that go against thousands of cultures, millions of near death experiences, nature and acceptance, only serve to darken the mind, which promotes separation, inequality, immense unhappiness, depression and intentional lies.
In order to evolve as a species, we must correct current religious philosophies in order to brighten human thought and promote the evolution of the species.

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