Perfect Love is Suppose to Cast Out Fear, But First You Must Know What Love Is.

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Love Can be Scary, But It’s Not Suppose to Be.
You don’t all feel in the same way. Some of you experience emotions very deeply, and others, not at all.  You cover up your true desires to “do the right thing” in the eyes of others. You live with your mistakes, but you don’t want to because you think someone or something better lives just down the block. Sometimes you partake in the ‘something better’ only to discover it was not better after all.
Seemingly, you are unsatisfied and you lock yourself away to prevent more self destruction and pain.
So How Do You Begin to Clean Up Your Life and Trust Love Again?

The first thing you must do is mourn. You must mourn the mistakes adults made in your childhood, mourn previous heartbreak, mourn losses and then put the grief in the grave of past destinies. You must realize that destiny is ever evolving and you can step into new timelines with the blink of an eye. You are not a prisoner of your past.
Secondly, you must face who you are. There is a concept in #Orisha #Religion called Iwa Pele or good character. Do you lie about the things you do and feel? Do you blame others for the hurt you have caused? Do you dislike others for seemingly no reason at all? This is likely the hardest part of the process to face. You don’t want to admit how much you dislike your family — because they are your blood! You don’t want to admit how much you hate things about your wife, husband or children — because they are your closest family! However, if you do not admit your true feelings about yourself, at least to yourself, you will become a powder keg waiting to explode, and will continue to destroy your life in the process until there is nothing left to blow up.
Thirdly, you must understand that love comes in different forms and usually takes time to develop. You don’t go on the second date unless you have had a remarkable time on the first date. So why would a potential love interest give you a bad first date? That partner does everything that Hollywood taught them to impress you.  Most times none of it is really real, yet you have already started to fall in love with the idea of the presentation you’ve received in the first act of a long drama.
When that person begins to remove their masks and show their heads, you see parts of them that you don’t like at all. Some of you run, hide and begin to mourn again over past hurts that were not properly resolved, along with this new one. Others of you tough it out, trying to recover the masked marauder that first presented themselves to you on the first date — the first act. Then you find that the masked marauder is a hurt child that refuses to allow you in. You are stuck outside with no key, when the only key IS love and you find you have none because your feelings were based only on their first actions, which made your feelings highly conditional, which is NOT love at all.
Some of you don’t want to let go because you don’t want to lose, only to regain the person’s trust to break it again because you did not want them in the first place. You need to go back to paragraph 4 of this text because you are still dishonest about who you are.
Good Relationships Need Buy-in from Spirit — Yours and The Other Person’s.
You meet someone and initially feel there must be a physical attraction for things to take off, however you know nothing about the person’s Ita or who they really are. In fact, you don’t know your own Ita. You are disconnected from your Ori, and disjointed from your spiritual guides, depending only on your flesh and eyes, which CANNOT help with decisions that will lead you to the truth of the person you are attracted to.  The truth is you are attracted to only one tenth or less of who they are!
Spirit knows who they are. Spirit knows their spirits and ancestors. Spirit knows how they will treat you and make you feel. Spirit knows how you will treat them and make them feel. It’s time that you discover a spiritual path that will lead you more deeply into who and what humans really are so that you no longer have to be afraid of love. Only then can you love yourself, learn to stand still, learn to enjoy your alone time, and learn to face and embrace who you really are, as well as what you need to change. This brings about perfect love, and perfect love casts out all fear, curses, evil eye, etc. With perfect love, you will discover your true life destiny partner, and can throw away fear for good.


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