Earth is Reportedly a Lower Level Copy Cat Animal Planet that Learned Everything It Knows from Aliens

GlumAccording to foreign sources, (get it while you can) the patents and intelligence of certain space/weapons corporations allegedly came from inhabitants of the planet Kintumniya located at a distance of 68 light years from Earth. This is public info, or should I say anti-info.

Any time any space aircraft or space persons land or are captured on Earth, they are allegedly NOT killed but are drilled for information.  Mere earthlings can never understand high level intelligence without help.  Space crafts that are left behind are reverse engineered by the best scientists we have, who cannot even cure the common cold, which is why we are still behind.

Currently, we are seeking to destroy ‘spirit’ matter with weapons in order to seek some type advantage over higher level intelligence, which we could probably get from the study of insects or shamanism.

Now think about it:

Why would captured aliens from decades ago give their own hybrids their best intelligence knowing that it can be used against them?

How can humans fight extraterrestrials with their on stuff? Old stuff at that!

People can take any mathematical equation and make it work?  Like I can tell you 258/8kkhui / k8ssws = 5 and you would never know difference.  Most science is proven to work because we have observed it and we — know it works.

Did Einstein really discover the theory of relativity or did somebody’s name have to be put on the patent since aliens are not allowed to be on one without Earth citizenship?

If we can create antimatter weapons to fight spirits, how come we can’t cure……the common cold??????

Things that make you go, hmmmm.

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Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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