Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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It Takes More Effort to Deny Rather Than to Accept Extraterrestrials.

They come in all forms: human; insect; water; ghostly, etc. They communicate with us directly, via thought and in our dreams. C’mon people, Yah is an extraterrestrial that many worship.


Penetration: Special Edition Updated: The Question of

Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

We can no longer deny that alien life forces exist and are here on earth. Ingo Swann tried to inform us, however the MK Ultra sonic programs and government magicians are strong and also use multimedia to discount believers as kooks. Despite the fact that we completely understand that the ancient human race was continuously at the point of extinction until one day, BAMMMM! Suddenly we were farming, creating air craft, flying into space and leaping into quantum physics. All by ourselves……NOT!

The Age of Aquarius Won’t Be What You Think.

Many believe the age of Aquarius will be marked by people locked arm in arm doing everything together. To the contrary, most Aquarians prefer to be alone….NEED to be alone. It is an age when the following is expected to occur:

  1. People will release themselves from the bonds of religious confinement.
  2. People will appreciate science and proven facts over myths.
  3. Mankind will honor all forms of life and veer farther away from oppression of any persons, animals or plants.
  4. Government secrets will be impossible to keep.
  5. Freedom and acceptance will be the norm, however this will not mean an acceptance of immorality.
  6. Worldwide wealth will be distributed ‘almost’ equally.

It will be a good time to be alive.

Please enjoy this clip from which details government communications with aliens:

communications_with_extraterrestrial.pdf (

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ndxLocOut (

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