“Oshun” African-American Tribal Music

“Oshun” by Colette Renee – copyright 2017

Please enjoy the lyrics to this very special song. You may listen to the song using the player at the end of this post.

Ore yeye o

Ore yeye o oooh

The master’s dogs are behind me I call you Oshun, Oshun.

My feet have left my path bloody I need you Oshun, Oshun.

Oshun, the stripes that come from the lash have made me forget my own name.

Oshun, help me remember your call so that I can get to freedom.

They left my brother in Cuba, a foreign land. Oh, how I long for his face.

My mother’s chains are in Santo Domingo and I may never see her again.

Oshun, I lost the crown of my father and I was the next in line.

Oshun, please open up your sweet waters I hear the master behind.

Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o

There is a river before me, I call you Oshun, Oshun.

The moon is full as I call you, I remember your name, but barely Oshun.

Oshun, the wife of Shango and sister wife of Oya the wind.

Oshun, please stretch your arms before me and welcome me once again.

I have forgotten your honor in the midst of the pain here it takes all my strength to survive.

Last year I lost both my daughters.

I don’t even know if my babies are alive.

Oshun, please help me to recall your greeting and open your arms.

Oshun, the bearded lady, but wait, I hear the call of the owl!

Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o Ore yeye o

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