Numerology | What Kind of Person or Situation has at Least Four Twos in Their Birthday?

Numerologically, two is the number of cooperation, coupleship, affection, working together, intuition (working with spirit), sensitivity and general comradery. Everyone born in February 2022 will have a minimum of four twos in their birthday, but how much is too much, and what happens when you are too intuitive or emotional? These people are physical embodiments of the times in which they are born. Of course you must take into account astrological and numerological placements, however, powerful numerology will definitely have a major voice in what is occurring, and too much of anything, particularly twos, can make for trying times.

On February 22, 2021, a day with an amazing five twos, A Boeing 777 engine fell apart in mid-air — perhaps twos don’t like sevens. Metal fatigue caused a fan blade to crack, according to a preliminary assessment by the US National Transportation Safety Board. Now this seems like something a quick safety check would have caught, right? Is it possible that the energy of the day prevented someone from doing this, and could airplane crashes be completely prevented with numerology and astrology? I’d say with the right software, they could. Let’s look at some other things that happened this day per Quartz’ website:

The US Covid death toll passed 500,000. President Joe Biden marked the tragic figure with a short ceremony at the White House.
Elon Musk is no longer the world’s richest person. A plunge in Tesla shares wiped $15 billion from his net worth after he tweeted that Bitcoin prices, which also fell, “do seem high.”
Facebook reversed its Australian news ban. Users down under have been denied proper journalism on the site since Thursday (Feb. 18), because of an unresolved legal dispute over payment.
So these twos seem to have something to do with limitless communication (could definitely be related to psychic communication), lack of respect for riches and lack of respect for life — this makes the 2020s a perfect time for a pandemic. Twos have no respect for those things you hold dear.

Who Was Nichiren?

Most any excess of numbers will communicate some type of overdrive in a particular area. This helps you to see that if you have numerous duplicate numbers in your birthday and someone has said you are overdoing it, overthinking something, or just too much, then maybe you are. This will also apply to those of you with astrological stelliums….you have to be purposefully balanced.

There was one man, Japan’s Nichiren, born in February 1222 who is worth mentioning and who teaches us to beware of zealots that may step out into the limelight in the next 16-21 years – ENJOY…

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