Poetry: “I Ain’t Going Back”

Cramped in a cubicle, stressed from the drive;

kid has a fever, surprised that they thrive.

The hustle and bustle, MK Ultra’d group mind

I must escape and leave it behind.

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Poetry: “Lucidity” – Free Form Verse by Renee Tarot



Poetry About Mature Love

by Renee Tarot, Author of “Broken Heart” on Amazon


I try to remain lucid….

despite my present existence in an ethereal land of fantasies,

the mistiness of which hinders my vision and sight.

I have been scarred by abandonment of pleasure, love and good times

and now know neither of these are a given,

nor are they to be taken for granted.

Even more, all are worthy of the preparation and patience they require,

and these same three that I have with you seem wholesome, inspirational and right.

Our cosmically weaved carnality testifies of even better times to come

and persuades me of the dire need to obtain lucidity for their continuation.

Lucid in a sense of nurturing focus, realism, trust, transparency, evolution

and acceptance.

Sounds, tastes, aromas and textures of our uniting

are to me as the freshest delicacies enjoyed without want of additional spice.

My intent is to allow lucidity to seduce time by planting and grounding me in

what is,

what is needed,

and what is to come.

And most assuredly, the awe, which has been inspired

by the circumstances creating our connection, is all that

shall intoxicate me in this experience.