What is the Concept of Evil?

First of All You Must Realize an Imbalance of Evil Currently Exists. It is Not Spooky or Eternal. It is a Current Science and a Matter of Fact.

Before reading this post, please understand that balance includes opposite ends and all that lies between those ends. Current Laws show this balance promotes equilibrium and one end is no different from the other, often coming together full circle to create a whole. What I classify as evil is when an imbalance exists in any person, place or thing, where one end seeks to take over the other, and in all cases, history shows either side that is overly strong automatically tends toward negativity. This is what I refer to as Evil.

The definition of science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Some are extremely logical, not believing in what they cannot see with their natural eyes. They believe in electricity because they see lightening, and they believe in residential home power because the lights come on when the bill is paid. However, that is as far as it goes because the evil induced narrative that exists in today’s society says one is insane if they believe anything else they cannot physically see.

The definition of evil is as follows: profound immorality and wickedness, outside of the normal balance, which causes much unease and disease, especially when regarded as a supernatural force. Supernatural being above or beyond what is natural. Natural, being what our current intelligence has allowed us to physically measure. Physical, being what we can perceive with our five basic senses, however the fact that a blind man cannot see you does not cause you to cease to exist.

Evil does not cease to exist because you lack tools to measure it, and based on the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, it has been proven over and over that evil energies do affect human and animal processes and interactions. Evil energy can result in physical maladies that can be measured by scientific equipment, however there are many such maladies that lack explanation regarding where they originated.

Each human being has thoughts and will, but many believe this conscious thought and will can only exist within a human or animal body — that is completely untrue. All thoughts and will can be translated into palpable forms of electrical energy and power whether inside or outside of a human body. Simply put, it can be carried in the wind. These powers may come from from dark matter, ether, the dead, other people, the demonic, personal thoughts, fallen angels it does not matter — evil is evil.

Daily Curses Exist to Put Stumbling Blocks in the Paths of Many.

Recently there was a car accident that involved a completely overturned vehicle, several other cars and injuries. The police blocked off a north to south section of the street during rush hour creating a traffic back up for miles. Everyone wanted to get home and some were attempting to drive east-west across the street to their destinations. A traffic like turned green allowing certain cars to pass heading south, however when the light turned yellow, a large SUV’s driver pulled out knowing full well he could not get through the light. This resulted in numerous cars being blocked from crossing westward. When I tell you that every driver who was blocked hunked their horns and cursed that driver, please believe me that he received an onslaught of negative energy from at least 15 angry people. One minute he was fine, trapped like everyone else. The next minute, he was cursed and bombarded with negative, show-halting energy. It happens as quickly as that.

Christianity Has Turned People Off So Much So That Now Evil Runs Rampant.

Years ago I worked with a woman who seemed always to be grief-stricken. Soon after meeting her, she revealed how her young son, who was about to attend college, died in a car accident due to the sun being so bright it blinded him. It was then that I realized too much light is as deadly as too much darkness.

A lot of people really dislike Christianity for the following reasons:

  1. Christian teaching is not as natural as shamanic and traditional spirituality.
  2. Christianity attempted to shut down ALL other forms of spirituality. It did not succeed, however it did create biases and slow downs.
  3. Christians can be the type that are illogical and dogmatic, so much so that people don’t want to be associated with them.
  4. Christians tend to do evil things, things that lack balance, and make excuses for them, calling them good. Sometimes, they use the power of numbers to make their evil deeds legal as in the witch trials.
  5. Biblical historical records and creation stories, in many cases, cannot be validated, especially in light of the fact that volcanoes and coral reefs are still creating land as we speak. This tampering with the Library causes people to reject the many truths that are hidden inside It.

There was a time before the dark imbalance existed, and part of what started it, namely Christianity and other religions, cannot lay claim to full understanding of it. Many religions and spiritual systems, however, have come up with their own ways to deal with it — that is one of the many purposes for religion. Despite this fact, though most religious book have truths in them, not any of them are all right. Rational people must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keep what is good, reject the rest. Work what works for you.

It is Important Not to Disregard Good Ancient Wisdom.

Each day we deal with energetic and conscious life processes, and for thousands of years, others have come and made inroads into ways to be successful at it. Many books of wisdom from Tao Te Ching to Proverbs to works of Confucius to Kahlil Gibran and so on are all to be gleaned from without feeling the need to agree with every bit of any of it. Use each reference of wisdom to learn from in order to improve upon life and overcome organic energetic evil. Basically, always wash your vegetables before you eat them.

Develop a Personal Program of Meditation.

This is absolutely crucial in overcoming the imbalance of negative energies that pervade the atmosphere and lands on Earth. By creating and following a personal meditation program, an individual can do the following:

  1. Learn how to be mindfully conscious and aware, especially of one’s own self and actions.
  2. Discontinue conduit connections to negative energies.
  3. Become conscious when specific energies are close or coming so as not to fall for tricks and be taken off guard.
  4. See beyond what others show in their behaviors and assist, as much as possible, with helping all parties to the situation to become aware.
  5. Create space to sow, cultivate and breed positivity through thoughts and verbal confessions.

I Believe the Day is Coming When Evil, As We Know It, Will Cease to Exist.

Evil is not registered or assigned to any specific religion or ideology, it just is. As stated above, it is likely there was a time when the imbalance of evil did not exist. It will take intense positivity, unity, learning of past lessons, understanding of Universal Law and general enlightenment to finally overcome it.

Until then, below is a video from Yeyeo’s Botanica in New Jersey. This video expresses her understanding about thoughts and how they affect negative or positive energy — enjoy:

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