What is the Truth about #Dragons? | Patiently Awaiting HBO’s “House of the Dragon” Series

With the upcoming Games of Thrones Prequel, House of the Dragon, coming in 2022 from HBO, it seems a good time for this post about dragons.

All Fantasy and Fiction are Based Partly on Fact.

When George R. R. Martin penned A Song of Ice and Fire books, the all-knowing Akasha spat out bits and pieces of ancient Chinese history into his open fantastical mind, whether he realized it or not. Mixed with his love of books, interest in fantasy and writing abilities, we were blessed with the long, bloody, incestuous saga A Song of Ice and Fire and its accompanying works. All hail to Martin and HBO for turning this masterpiece into a work of visual art for all to enjoy.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Fossil remains of million-year-old winged serpents have been discovered in Tennessee sink holes, and the Chinese have claimed dragon ancestry since the beginning of their written history. Residents from Zhangjiakou City, in China’s northern Hebei Province claim to have uncovered the 60 foot long remains of a horned, unwinged dragon. As you are aware, it is common scientific practice to not follow up on or publicize any news that does not meet with ample modern proof and reasoning.

All modern humans have mineral, rock, water, alien and animal ancestry, with the ancients that exist currently, hiding out or lurking only in shadow forms. Do you know your ancient pre-human ancestry?

Before I knew anything about Martin or his work, I saw dragons in my own dreams, ones that played out as real in waking days afterward, warning me of events to come and leading me to strangers who brought up the topic of dragons in the strangest of places.

I have seen a real black dragon flying around in the state of Georgia with large bat-like wings, disappearing into the clouds. It seems they are seen by who they want to see them and hidden from others. At one point, almost seven years ago, the dreams and appearances were so prevalent to me, that I wrote the following music entitled, Dragon’s Song – listen to it here:

Dragon’s Song
dragon cloud

More Dragon Phenomena in the Clouds

One morning I saw an odd cloud. First I noticed the wings and since I had been collecting feathers, I figured it had something to do with that. Then I noticed a head, not the body, but the head only……of a dragon that looks like this pic, but his mouth was closed. The first thing I could think of to say was, “you came.” I’d called him that morning.

I told him some things and asked for guidance. Then I ran to get my tablet to take a pic. When I got outside he was fading away. My camera jammed, “damn!”

By the time I got it unjammed, within 3-5 minutes, he was gone……til next time.

Do you have dragon friends/relatives that visit you in your dreams or in real life? Be open and re-introduced to your family in nature. Below is one very vivid dream that I had about dragons years ago. Find other dreams I’ve posted on my Facebook Page Dream Weaving and Landscapes:

I am a head mistress at a school that I believe to be in Africa as the children appear to be African and they all wear white, short-sleeve, polo shirts and khaki shorts. There is a large parking lot outside of the school, which I run with my husband who looks like Idris Elba. Suddenly, I hear a roaring sound and panic, then start to scream at my husband, “they are here, they are coming! We must get the children!” He seems hesitant to leave the first floor of the large school, so I go out myself, leaving through a basement door and running outside under a 20 foot long awning, to get to the parking lot where the children are playing. I do not know what is coming, I only know it is loud and deadly so I am panicking, but the children are not listening to me because they are having too much fun. The sound is getting louder and louder until I see two, slimy, huge, scaly dragons flying toward us — one black and one red. Since I cannot bring myself to leave the children, I prepare to go out like a champ, along with them. The dragons land behind the building, leaning their very wet, scaly tummies against it. The wetness of the dragons is more like slime than water, however the children are so busy playing soccer they do not notice the dragons who begin watching the soccer game. When I see the children are entertaining the ferocious looking dragons, I stand in front of the red one and say aloud, “you are one ugly red dragon.” Then I awake.

After waking from the dream above, over the next couple of weeks I end up driving a red car that I did not pick out, which has a front end that looks like a dragon. I meet a woman at the dealership, with a dragon print sweater and she tells me she has dreams of dragons, without my bringing it up. I receive a piece of serpentine from Peru in a pouch that has the same red dragon scale print.

Do you have recurring #dreams about #dragons? Perhaps they are trying to speak with you.

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