What is the Truth about #Dragons? | Patiently Awaiting HBO’s “House of the Dragon” Series

With the upcoming Games of Thrones Prequel, House of the Dragon, coming in 2022 from HBO, it seems a good time for this post about dragons.

All Fantasy and Fiction are Based Partly on Fact.

When George R. R. Martin penned A Song of Ice and Fire books, the all-knowing Akasha spat out bits and pieces of ancient Chinese history into his open fantastical mind, whether he realized it or not. Mixed with his love of books, interest in fantasy and writing abilities, we were blessed with the long, bloody, incestuous saga A Song of Ice and Fire and its accompanying works. All hail to Martin and HBO for turning this masterpiece into a work of visual art for all to enjoy.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com
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source god creation


When I think of Source, God, Spirit, the Field or whatever you want to call Life, I don’t think of Santa Claus or an old man in the sky.  I think of this very beautiful (or at least beautiful to me), Ethereal Being who is neutral, unfeeling and waiting to sense what I am feeling.  He has kazillions of brothers and they work together as one so I can refer to them as Them or Him.  They are always in communication with each other.

He feels what I feel and is not really concerned about what feels good to me, he only understands what I feel that I want, and that is what he brings to me (even though sometimes he will add a subtle warning or two).  Whatever the case he always lets me have it because he knows he can fix it later.

This is why I have to be careful what I perceive, because it can come to me, even the bad things.  Source only wants to please so if it’s hell I want, hell he will bring.  If it is Love that I desire, he and his family of brothers will bring that too, however he is very discerning.  If I tell him with my mouth that I want Love, but fear it in my heart, he’ll be sure to put me in a predicament to make sure Love does NOT come.  You see, he knows what I feel so he does not go by what I say.

Source is a Shape-Shifter. 

Sometimes he is invisible and sometimes he manifests into what I think I want and back again.  He only offers intelligence if I ask him to, and then he seeks out my highest good.  He does not mind if we as individual spirits do not understand what we are working with, even though it is best if we do because he can be a hell fire and brimstone entity or a silent voice in the wind…just depends on how we position ourselves and what we think he will be.

Parts of him are in us based on what has come about from the minds of others around us, but the good news is, if we don’t like what we’ve become, he is happy to facilitate a new plan for us, according to tailor-made desires.  He is quite magnetic and will become and bring to us who we already are.

Happy Creating!


Learning to Trust Your Intuition

How Many Times Have You Kicked Yourself for Not Following Your First Mind?

Once, again, I’m guilty as charged!

A voice whispered in your head and told you to keep it moving, but you decided to stay, or you felt strongly that you should decline an offer, but instead you decided to take it. The Universe always cleans it up and gets us back to where we need to be…..eventually…..but how much easier it would have been to just make the right choice to begin with, right?

Whenever you second guess yourself, you compromise the integrity of your valuable intuition and put yourself in a position of developing a habit of not trusting it, and OH how dangerous that is!

Perhaps you were told you were silly or taught to think that your thoughts were invalid because someone older or stronger (physically) than you, wanted to get their own way so they decided to demean you. It is time to overcome this thinking and, even though you may want to get another opinion, which is smart, you do ACT on your convictions and choose not to ignore them.

How to Develop Your Own Intuitive Skills

There are hundreds of people out there doing seminars, posting on social media, writing books, etc., teaching about ways to develop intuition, and guess what? You should listen to all of them! Sometimes you may think, one method is not for you, other times you will take a piece of a ritual and apply it to one of your own, and then there are times when you will wholeheartedly embrace another’s technique. It is all perfectly okay in tapping into the gifts and powers that are uniquely yours so that you can then pass on teachings to another. Neptune in Pisces is here to facilitate it in a millennium (2000s) that guarantees you at least one ‘2’ each day, which is the number of intuition.  Here are some ways you can develop your own intuition:

  1. Put aside about 10-15 minutes of your day to have quiet time when your home is in a restful state and not noisy.  See what thoughts come up on their own, before you begin to intentionally direct them.  Usually this is early or late in the day or when the kids are in school earlier in the mornings.
  2. If certain situations are stressing you out, make hard, tough decisions about changing them so that you can focus without fear and worry.
  3. Educate yourself with popular books and teachers fearing not to tread along the paths of nontraditionalism, and also not fully letting go of the traditional.  There is value to all of them.
  4. Get a diary/journal and begin to record dreams, waking life observations, profound thoughts and tap into what they are telling you.  After about a month, go back and reread everything and you are sure to see a teach pattern that is very intentional and wise.  As you go, you will begin to recognize the guiding Voices in your life.

This journey is life long and takes years before you are even comfortable counseling others, and even then, the Powers that Be will throw you for loops, once in a while, but that is also perfectly okay. Our purpose, at least in part, is to learn how to swim in the Universal ethers of ‘I Am Ness’ and this inspires trust, which means, you won’t always know the exact answers, but you will at least feel out which path to take to get to them!