What Makes You Want Life? Purpose. [How Not to Be Marvelized, DC-Universified or Disneydumbed]

purpose[ˈpərpəs]NOUN the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Know Thyself.

Too many people don’t, which results in internal discontent and interpersonal feelings of unhappiness that lead to some of you projecting unhappiness onto others, which spreads misery.

If you know yourself, you understand what is going on inside of you and why. It becomes easier to release others to their own freedoms, along with giving up grandiose feelings of self-sacrifice.

Truthfully, Universal Law says you are here because you are and you will automatically profit those around you when you are true to that cause — the cause of beingness. All else is vanity, perpetuated by Disney, Marvel and DC Comics. The unhappiest parents are those who do nothing to please themselves.

If you don’t know yourself, you will wander around making other people miserable, trying to get them to make your life meaningful. Nobody can do that for you.

Outside of current cultural norms, who do you want to be? You can actually form a vision for yourself and become that, in fact, that is part of your purpose. Everyone is a worldbuilder.

Stop Depending on Fantastical Creatures To Give Your Life Meaning.

Why Do You Exist? Do you realize you will adopt whatever beliefs your parents and culture tell you to? You don’t accept and believe the way you do for any other reason. Most in Asia are not Christians simply because that is not what is put into their heads as children. Never underestimate the power you have with a newborn’s mind. You can train them to be racists, bigots, mentally ill zealots, teachers, humanitarians, etc. This is why it is so important that you extricate yourself from the teaching of others so that you understand your own purpose because only then can you positively affect others.

How Do You Find Purpose?

Answer the following questions for yourself:

Who do you hate? Why?

Who do you love? Why?

If you could give yourself happiness, what would you give?

How much do you want to be like others?

If people accept your eccentricities completely, who would you be? Why?

When have you felt most fulfilled outside of other people? [other people include friends, family, partners or children]

If you were an eternal being, on a large island filled with plants and trees, what would you want to accomplish?

Have You Been Marvelized, DC-Universified or Disneydumbed?

If everything that makes you happy depends on someone else validating you, you have more growing to do because you have been Marvelized by Hollywood. To be Marvelized, DC-Universified or Disneydumbed is to be someone who believes what makes you worthy is saving others or being saved by others. The thought of being a hero [or victim] becomes so appealing, that you go out looking for situations to ‘make a difference’. This may be the first time you have ever begun to think of yourself as an autonomous individual.

I suggest that you get used to it because eternity is long, surrender is crucial and all you really are is ONE – a person manifesting various scenarios filled with external you’s to teach yourself about the joy of being. This is the reason people keep disappointing you, to teach you that you are whole in and of yourself so let go of the need to search for others to fulfill you by telling you how wonderful you are.

BTW, this is not a treatise for selfishness, but one for truth.

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Renee Tarot

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