How Do You Prepare for ‘Another’ New Beginning in Your Life?

The Winds of Change are in the Air.

Nine years ago, 2012 came upon you changing paradigms and shifting belief systems in a way that seemed out of this world. Many of you did not know what hit your life until years later, when you were settled into new homes, businesses and relationships and realized the major shift that you had just been through. Well, it’s nine years later and from a numerology standpoint, you know what that means….time for another life shift.

The last life shift was somewhat painful, scary even as you delved into unknown territory that could have left you feeling bitter and alone. Spiritual life shifts happen prior to physical ones, so this time, you don’t need to be taken off guard.

Saturn has Gone Direct So Instead of Being Dumped Onto the Back Seat of His Police Car, Why Not Nestle in the Safety of His Arms?

Astral shifts are meant to help you to realize when certain changes are due to occur in your #life. If you don’t pay attention to sky and ground, these life changes may seem to jump up out of nowhere, but in actuality, you can see and prepare for them years ahead of time. What can you learn from the last time there was a major shift in your life?

  1. Begin paying attention to areas in your life where you feel uncomfortable, even sad. This is likely one of those areas that is ready to give birth to something new.
  2. Pay attention to trusted spiritual vloggers and bloggers who are in touch with the winds of time and are entrusted to prepare you for what is to come in your own life.
  3. Clean out clutter, yes physical clutter, from your living space to open up breathing room for what is just ahead for you.
  4. Reinstate ritual, prayer and meditation times so that you can disconnect from the collective and hear what is really going on inside you. Prayer is NOT a Christian concept, it is dialogue with your Divine Self.
  5. Pay attention to your dreams, even purchasing a dream journal so that you can read through it and get the life messages that are being sent from energetic realms.
  6. Don’t try to carry the sins of the world. There are a few you are here to help, and one of those people is yourself.
  7. You already know if the UK goes into lockdown again, and Saturn is going direct in Aquarius again, then it is coming to a town near you soon — go ahead and prepare for it.

This Time Life Changes Do Not Have to Be Scary.

You’ve been following me and a lot of other people who are trying to stay tapped in and now you realize change is not to be feared — it is inevitable and leads to something greater than what was before. Do something you always wanted to do, don’t wait, for life waits for no one! Do you want to write a super crazy fantasy or hike in the Sahara Desert….maybe not the Sahara, but at least out in the western US? Go for it! It’s not that time is short, because time actually is not a real thing, it is moreso that you deserve to be happy in your eternity, so why not start living now.

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