2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – How Does Your Connection to Earth Get You to the Top? | ENTRY 8

To Want Nothing is to Have Everything.

Most of your fears are based on what you think you need. Much of what you think you need is based on what others appear to have. The human body does not need as much food as hunger cries for, and appetites can become overdeveloped, even ravenous, which is usually a sign of illness.

There are numerous lies told by modern media. These lies focus on the desires of restless and vengeful natures having to do with earthly nativity. You can be fooled by them…fooled into thinking you need more stuff, only to obtain more and find yourself still lacking. Everything you do is a communication, but have you learned Spirit’s Language?

How has humanity been on Earth for so long, yet continues to have no clue of its own and Earth’s purpose, positioning and process? To honor Her is to begin your ascent to the top.

There Are Many High Forces of Earth.

It is likely that modern scientists do not know exactly what Earth is.

She is a Divine Creation, a Bio-home, a mode of Transportation, who was made for a reason, and that reason includes knowledge and the perfection of it. There are High Forces all around you, who assisted in your creation and who reside on this creation for the purpose of Universal Soul Evolution, which happens naturally with surrender. With Earth, they form a symphony.

Earth is beautiful, to be sure, and it is important that you understand Her tendencies. Many of you have had parents to lead you and all of your parents were imperfect, however many became much better grandparents. You are to rise above them in your thinking and being. So it is with Earth. This is one of the truths to the phrase, ‘a child shall lead them.’ You rise with the Earth and become one with Her so that the entire Creation evolves.

Understand Earth’s Purpose and How Your Purpose is Intertwined with Hers.

Earth can be oxymoronic; wild, yet completely ordered — a Persona who is growing and expanding. To know Her current nature is to see Her purposeful beauty.

She can feel beautiful by looking through a mirror and that mirror is Her children, you and me. Do you wonder why Earth seems so vengeful and angry sometimes? It is because of what She sees in us and in Herself. Her initial purpose was to be a sentient, biosanctum for life — a member of the Timekeepers and a pharmaceutic laboratory. She works along with other High Forces, and They, like Her, were all created through time, space, scientific laws and purposeful Will. She is not a haphazard creation. To think there is any part of Her [or you] that has no use, is foolishness. Are you vengeful and angry because of what you see in yourself?

Earth gives a face and body to Spirit, so in essence, She is a mirror, however Spirit soon discovered that by containing Life, It created a new set of Problems. Cell biology teaches us that the function of a thing changes when its location changes — it changes also when its container changes. How will Earth’s physical shifts affect Her and you as She constantly perfects Herself. In what direction do you feel Earth is headed in Her evolution?

Earth’s nature has been that of survival, however only inasmuch as to keep going than to save Herself from anything. She seeks to rid herself of the weak and to use all weakness as fodder and building blocks. Earth is beautiful to us, but to other sentient Beings throughout the Cosmos, her trees may appear to be tumors and green mold. Her waters are beautiful to us, however to Those who are accustomed to crystal lakes, Her waters appear dirty. She is overdue for an overhaul and an overhaul She will have for She is very much aware of Herself and of parasitic pollution.

Understand Your Reason for Being.

To understand Earth’s purpose is to know your own as you are intricately connected to Her and you serve as a microcosm of the whole. Connection to the Highest Intelligence is crucial for growth and progress. Everything else is, as King Solomon and other wise folk have said, “Vanity.”

Your creative pursuits, whether thru art, film, writing, crafts, etc., must show where you are to go vs where you need to leave from. Every one of these creations should be inspired, however not so much from meditation, but from living in a perpetual state of release. Release is not comfort, it is divine trust. You grow when you let go.

It is incumbent upon you to evolve, as anything less will ultimately lead to destruction, which contributes to lack of Universal Self Esteem. The Highest State of Being is easily found in specific places. Your challenge is getting there, and time is of the essence.

In mid October 2021 things on Earth will shift again. You will need to have tapped into Her Higher Energies by then.

Blessed be.

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Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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