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Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Greetings my beloved masters of the universe! I have received a very important message. After the channeling I go into more details about what you can do during this time.

“The cycle of life continues to swirl in the direction of the rising sun to the east of Jerusalem and behind the wailing wall stands a pillar of light, stands a pillar of light immemorial.

Said pillar of light has transmuted the energies approaching the new earth momentum in order to unify the effervescent timelines into one trajectory of the beholder, into one trajectory unifying the concurrent frequencies in order to manifest the manifestable adherence to the universal principles of eternal creation of the one standing before you.

The universal principles of creation state that there shall be the rising of the sun which shall emerge from the eastern wall of Jerusalem to reunite the lost echelons of time immemorial…

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