2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – What Should I Do With My Life? | ENTRY 7

Hello Universe. I Need a Sign, Please.

There comes a time in your life when you know exactly what to do next. Unfortunately, those times don’t happen often so many more times you trudge along for however long it takes until a new opportunity makes itself clear before making any new moves.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender


Abraham heard a voice making him generational promises. Moses saw a bush that was in flames, but that did not burn up. Charlotte Caffey was watching The Twilight Zone when the song We Got the Beat dropped into her spirit. When I met one of my life loves I felt lightening in my belly during an early, regular conversation with him.

In this season, it is time to open up your eyes and pay attention to the world around you. You don’t want to miss any messages because you were staring at your iPhone screen!

Question: How did you know when you were suppose to do the last major thing that you did in your life?

The Best Thing to Do When Preparing for a Life Change is to Be Still and Breathe.

In this year of surrender, we must learn to breathe deeply and wait. Recently I read a wonderful piece about longsuffering that applies to life transitions:

The original Hebrew word for longsuffering means “long of breathing” and is the opposite of anger (“short of breathing” or “violent breathing”). In the New Testament, the idea involves a person who is “long of soul” and indicates bearing long with people. One definition I like defines the word as “refusing to give up hope in a relationship.” One synonym for longsuffering is “fortitude.”

This applies not only to people, but to situations. It is not to say things will never change, but helps to assure that we don’t force change thereby jumping out of the skillet and into a hotter frying pan.

Breathing helps with going through the situation without you spazzing out. It brings mindfulness, clarity and forbearance. Anger, Anxiety, Angst, negative confessions and stressing out counter your ability to think before making huge, successful movements forward.

As you go through this year of surrender, incorporate proper breathing techniques into your lifestyle. It takes time to breathe, and each breath in takes a few seconds before it is released if done properly. Listening to yourself breathe will slow you down, clear your head and help you to wait on the wonderful promises that are stored up for you to enjoy in this life that you are living right now.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams.

It’s true that sometimes dream energies come to torment and create anxiety, however most times, dreaming during a restful state can assist you with cleaning out your subconscious and can provide messages that are helpful in discerning your future.

Ask yourself the following questions after you have an intense dream:

  • What did I eat before sleeping? [Spicy foods distort dream info.]
  • Who were the main characters in the dream and what do they mean to me in waking life?
  • What colors, numbers or symbology (animals, flags, songs) were in my dream?
  • Did this dream make me happy or sad upon waking from it?
  • Did this dream tell me more about myself?

Google, Frankenstein and Eistein’s Theory of Relativity are all said to have come from dreams and you have to admit they were huge next steps!

Hopefully this advice helps you to wait on your burning bush OR prevents you from missing it all together.

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