2021 | THE YEAR OF SURRENDER – What Should I Do With My Life? | ENTRY 7

Hello Universe. I Need a Sign, Please.

There comes a time in your life when you know exactly what to do next. Unfortunately, those times don’t happen often so many more times you trudge along for however long it takes until a new opportunity makes itself clear before making any new moves.

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2021 | The Year of Surrender – Prepare Your Passport | Entry 5

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Dream Revelations Received During the Final Week of Preparation for the Year of Surrender.

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A couple of nights ago (last week of December 2020) I had a vivid dream that I was leaving an airport. I was with two traveling companions and I had a lot of luggage. I knew I had a passport on my person, but I did not know where it was. I was discombobulated, unprepared and in a different country than my own.

The attendant at customs, an African woman in a short-sleeve uniform, asked for my passport. I fiddled through my bags, fearful that my companions would not be able to come with me because I knew they did not have passports. I finally found it and gave it to her. The woman looked at me and then looked at the passport and told me I’d have to come to the side so she could ensure it was me.

I started to panic because I knew my appearance hadn’t changed and asked, “Where am I?”

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2021 | The Year of Surrender – The Purge Has Begun (Let Spirit Fill Up Emptied Out Spaces) Entry 4

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Prepare to Release and Let Spirit Replace What You Did Not Even Know Was There.

You are a smart cookie and you have become weary of life as you know it. You have discerned the times and you are aware that there is a need to release what does not serve in order to prepare for surrender to your beneficial future. What may surprise you is what actually leaves your spirit and life during this time of purging.

You are letting go friendships that don’t serve, relocating to new homes, changing your diet and doing whatever else is recommended to prepare for the new you. Little did you know that certain aspects of your true self were not in agreement.

When You Declare Something Publicly, Be Prepared for Resistance.

You read Entry 1 of the Surrender articles and decided to get on board. Perhaps one of the following has begun to occur in your life:

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2021 | The Year of Surrender – Understand the Meaning of the Word – Entry 2

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What is the Meaning of the Word Surrender? Start with the Prefix ‘Sur’.

This morning, it was impressed upon me to look more deeply into the word surrender.

The latin word ‘sur’ means above; over; or in addition to, like a surcharge is an amount paid in addition to the regular cost. It is related to the term ‘super’, which also means ‘beyond’ or ‘in addition to. Think of Superman and how his abilities surpassed that of mere mortals.

When you think of survival, you may think it means to live (vive) despite some obstacle that challenges your existence. It is to rise above or supercede circumstances that threaten life.

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2021 | The Year of Surrender – Entry 1

I Was Reared in the “Name It Claim It” Genre: Now I’m Tired.

“Ask what you will”, they said, “and it will be done for you.”

The problem is I did not know what I wanted or what was best for me. So started a cycle of bad marriages, unwanted circumstances and feeling like I was somehow not in the right place and everything was happening at the wrong time. I began to say what I saw, therefore my confession was skewed, which fueled an unending flow of more bad experiences. I have grown weary of this.

Like me, some of you need a break from the Manifestation team and are ready to surrender to the Divine. Some call it God, Goddess, The Absolute, Brahma, Brahman, Spirit, Orisha, Loa, The Deep, The Light, whatever. If you have not learned anything in all of your mistakes [in all of my e-zine articles], you know It exists. I will call It Spirit in this post.

There is a school of thought that says Spirit is neutral and does not know the difference between good and bad. I go further to say that when [S]he is surrendered to, and little demand is made, good things occur as a result, things conducive to life.

I Haven’t Tried Surrender Since I Was a Baby, and It Wasn’t Too Bad Then.

Swami Vivekananda said:

Instead of the sacrifice of pouring oblations into the fire, perform this one great sacrifice day and night — the sacrifice of your little self. “In search of wealth in this world, Thou art the only wealth I have found; I sacrifice myself unto Thee. In search of some one to be loved, Thou art the only one beloved I have found; I sacrifice myself unto Thee.” Let us repeat this day and night, and say, “Nothing for me; no matter whether the thing is good, bad, or indifferent; I do not care for it; I sacrifice all unto Thee.”

There is freedom in this passage, for we see that in all of the genocides and massacres of the world, there was strife and intense selfish desire that only led to death and chaos.

You want to trust Spirit. You are ready to trust Spirit. How do you become as a child again?

Any Great Feat Begins with Intention. Here’s Your 1st Assignment.

Your intention, my intention, will be different this time.

I don’t know how many posts I will write. I don’t know how this will change me. What I do know is there will be no force, only surrender. I also know that to do something over and over again when it is not working for you is called insanity.

You may have been doing life wrong for a long time so don’t be surprised if you have pause and consider how and what to think along the way.

If you want to join me on this journey, starting now, through December 31 2021, here is the plan. I think we are stronger together 🙂

Your intention for the remainder of December 2020 is to surrender to the Highest Manifestation of Life. This is all you will focus on.

The Mantra is: I surrender to the Highest Manifestation of Spirit while I live on Earth.

Don’t think about love; don’t think about money; don’t think about your enemies, don’t think about death, do not consider work.

What will this accomplish? I believe you will begin to feel the presence of Spirit in a big way and Spirit will demonstrate synchronicities and It’s True personality. It’s time to get to know Spirit again, because everything Spirit pushes, Spirit backs up, and that’s all you need.