2021 | The Year of Surrender – How To Tame Your Feral Shadow – Entry 3

It’s Time to Claim All of You!

Shadow Work is a buzz word in the New Age spiritual community. In shamanic circles it is called journeying to the underworld. Do you reject your shadow side and embrace all love and light? Heaven forbid.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung introduced us to Jungian archetypes, which  are defined as universal, archaic symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious or structures of the unconscious mind, which are shared amongst all of the same species. They share similar motifs to Tarot and Oracle cards, such as the mother/empress; the father; the High Priestess; the Trickster; etc. Basically these are personalities that dwell within the psyche of humans [primordial forces, instincts and survival templates], and which seek to express themselves from time to time. Some of them are considered to be shadows as they express the darker nature, which too many of you do not develop, but only suppress.

I see these unconscious energies as those whose phone numbers we have. Each of us is a telephone and we have the ability to dial into the land of spirit using our emotions. Our emotions determine which number we dial. Many of us are calling up the wrong types of help, which quickly become attached parts of our personal psyches, so much so that we have them on speed dial. Then they move in and begin to change us until we become who they are in stressful situations.

We can learn a lot about spiritual energies by understanding how the mind works. Many times these energies we unknowingly call on with our dark emotions are not developed, they mean well or try to protect us, but are more like what is depicted in the video below.

Please understand, what these children suffered is truly a travesty, and you must understand that a bit of this is in very many more persons’ subconscious minds. If you are easily disturbed by videos about abusive situations, please do not watch this video and proceed to the remainder of the article:

When We Don’t Nuture Our Shadow Selves, Those Parts of Us Remain Untamed or are Cultivated by Sinister Beings.

Any time you block an aspect of your authentic self and pretend it is not there, it does not die, but becomes feral, being cared for by wilder spiritual forces and appearing in your life when you least want it to. It is vitally important to nurture every part of yourself, even the shadows so that you can tame them as much as possible, and so that you experience self-acceptance. Remember to get outside, professional help when you need to.

A big part of surrender is realizing that you have the keys to unlock every door inside you so that nothing remains inaccessible or put away. If you are not in full control of your personality(ies) or subconscious archetypes, then it will be difficult for you to surrender to Life because you may be unaware you are still holding on to some part of yourself. None of this works if you are not cognizant of all aspects of you.

Society trains you to do what is right. Rear your children. Love your spouse. Go to work. Treat everyone kindly. However, if life was that easy, you’d have it all together and all therapists and psychologists would go out of business! The truth is you don’t always handle life in the way advocated by social structure…and sometimes you don’t want to.

People do get upset, and they hurt others. More often people hold negative feelings inside for fear they will be judged for having them. People treat people the way they themselves have been treated. They consciously ignore the feelings and beliefs they have until something instinctively brings them out. Then they find themselves in costly situations and feel they acted unconsciously.

In Order to Surrender, You Have to Trust and If You Don’t Trust Yourself, You Won’t Trust Anyone Else.

Hidden parts of yourself are unknown so how can you trust them. “How do I start?” You ask:

  1. Begin writing down what more than one person has expressed about you that you did not agree with. Sit with these words and view your actions from the other persons’ points of view.
  2. Journal some thoughts that you have that you consider to be dark. After writing them down, destroy the paper if you must, but read the information back aloud to yourself before you do.
  3. Begin a thought dialogue with yourself about some of these feelings and the situations that bring them up. Be honest.
  4. The next time you are faced with a dark part of yourself, take a time out. Begin internal self-talk to soothe that energy and watch and see that you will calm down. It is even more power if you look directly into a mirror while doing this. Don’t be afraid.
  5. Remember there is a time and season for everything under the sun. I am not advocating all love and light, only that all parts of you are tame and lucid.

In order to prepare to be free, you must rescue all parts of yourself so that not a one of you is left behind.


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