For the Love of Mythology

Our Love Affair with the Gods and Goddesses Is Old and Everlasting. Become Familiar with Them!

I’m not sure how I found Homer in my elementary school library, but I do recall being the only student there on the floor poring over the Iliad and Odyssey as early as 3rd grade. I don’t recall why I was excused from class for so many hours to enjoy the classics, but I knew all the librarians, and we had an understanding of exactly where I’d be most of the time.

I was fascinated by all of the characters and the family of gods and goddesses; by how they interacted with humans; by all of their gifts, strengths, symbols and weapons; and by Hera’s troubles with her philandering husband and her jealousy. I held my breath when Perseus faced Medusa and enjoyed all of the stories of the heroes, whether they triumphed or lost in battle. I attribute these stories to my current love for and understanding of Astrology and Archetypes. I thank the gods for allowing me to walk this sacred path.

The Stories are Told Over and Over Again through Many Cultures for a Reason.

When you study ancient scripture and mythology, you soon learn, that there is little difference between the two. When I initially studied the New Age traditions, I was flabbergasted that some groups still followed Dianic lore or cults of Hekate. However, when you think deeply about each story and consider the standpoint within which each culture wrote their tales, you begin to see that Diana is just as powerful an Archetype as Mary and the energy of the Archetype is what lives.

Each story is fraught with poor men who become powerful; beautiful damsels who become pregnant by deity; half man, half god saviors; and the heroic saga of an underdog country’s heroes. The gods and goddesses determine whether or not the heroes win or lose; it is not left up to powerful kings, who can end up crawling around in fields suffering from fits of insanity at one word from the goddesses. Every last one of the stories provides for interesting reading. At the end of the day, what people are saying by continuing to consume and create these stories is they have a strong need for HOPE.

Enjoy the poetic legacy of Homer by reading the Greek Iliad and Odyssey. [ad]

We haven’t changed much as people — the script remains the same. Everybody needs something or someone to assist them in their plight; someone more powerful than they are; and someone or something that is gifted by the gods, and born from within us in a merger with the stars.

Each country has a set of tales, which they claim is steeped in their personal histories, and every story runs parallel with the adjacent countries’ heritages and hides occult truths and sacred knowledge, that appeal to our child archetypes. Each batch of stories is considered to be truth to the poor, and the funny thing is, each country sees their own story as real, and to deny their truth is cause for battle.

Let us be mindful of our neighbor’s culture as we continue to merge in this melting pot we call Earth, learning of the fearless foreparents and the Luminaries that drove them to where they are today — inside each of us.

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