What is Art’s Importance and Impact on Society?

Do You Realize What Happens to You When You See A Picture?

Art was mankind’s first written language. Before there were letters, there were sounds, symbols and pictures, not made or drawn for aesthetic purposes, but for conveyance of information from one person to another. The precursor of written art, is mental imagery, which to some degree, is how animals communicate today. Art not only includes audio expressions, but also visual, written and tactile. We will only discuss visual art for the purposes of this ‘art’-icle

Art has been, used throughout the history of man, to tell a story or to create a plan of action. There is, of course, art that is considered quite appealing or emotion-provoking from specific points of view, and that requires great skill and artisanship to create or duplicate. However, the creation’s beauty is completely subjective, though its message is more direct, therefore art is primarily communicative and secondarily aesthetic.

Learn How Art Has Formed Our Opinions and Culture Regarding Women. [ad]

You who study the #Tarot understand that it is a spiritual book with loose pages, that expresses how ancestral archetypes live and speak through people via the medium of synchronicity. Each page of the Tarot book is an epoch in and of itself and it is up to the reader to interpret what it means at any given time. All of the interpretations are deeply embedded in your DNA. The Tarot can be read in or out of chronological order, though many suggest it is initially studied within its original chronology.

The pictures of the Tarot are not meant to be a cheap divination trick or form of entertainment, however they are meant to teach, guide and inform about times and seasons within a querent’s life.

You also realize that the Tarot archetypes will come alive in and around you for the purpose of providing information that is beneficial to your highest soul evolution. The same can be said for any work of art, whether two or three dimensional. Visual art affects and speaks to your mind, whether you realize it or not.

Art Expresses What is in the Imagination and Subconscious of the Collective Body.

You are connected by an important ethereal thread, that was initiated by your original and all subsequent creators. As a result of this attachment, individuals, specifically within certain geographic proximity, will share thought and mind information — some more than others. This thought and mind information, which is electronic in nature, serves as the catalyst for tomorrow’s culture.

Artists are typically more sensitive to and easily provoked by this mental information due to the makeup of the artists’ bodies (mostly mapped out by astrology), therefore they initiate or perpetuate these thoughts, from a visual standpoint, into 2D and 3D physical and now digital creations, thereby completing thought’s form and ensuring it is brought to life within societies. These visual creations can take the form of paintings, photos, sculptures [of whatever material], plays, television, movies, etc.

These thought forms eventually become religion, laws and culture for specific periods of time. This is why art and the creation of artists is so important.

Art History Teaches the World Important Lessons about How and Why It Create Lifestyles, Laws, Religions and Cultures.

What added measures of accountability would you take in forming your art, if you knew it would be responsible for how the next generation formed its culture? In the art history essays As We See Her [ad], I form opinions and ask questions about the importance of integrity and subconscious awareness in the minds of artists, prior to the creation of their renderings for public consumption. This is not to take away the artists’ creativity, but to help them to understand the role they play within society.

In these essays you are invited to use the assumptions compiled to spark debate pertaining to artistic freedoms and their place in a culture of higher thought. Be prepared to answer questions such as:

1. How is it that the arts have guided us to the current state of civilization, with regard to paradigms about women and their roles in modern society?

2. Are the resulting paradigms and commonly accepted thought valid, and if not, how can they be changed?

3. What responsibility does art hold in the psychoanalytic development of modern man?

In order for us to ascend to the next level of evolution, we will need to think clearly and understand what is important to focus on. This understanding will be based largely on history and scientific methods related to the study of sociology, philosophy and humanities. Prepare to open your minds to a new level of responsibility with regard to creativity.

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