For the Love of Mythology

Our Love Affair with the Gods and Goddesses Is Old and Everlasting. Become Familiar with Them!

I’m not sure how I found Homer in my elementary school library, but I do recall being the only student there on the floor poring over the Iliad and Odyssey as early as 3rd grade. I don’t recall why I was excused from class for so many hours to enjoy the classics, but I knew all the librarians, and we had an understanding of exactly where I’d be most of the time.

I was fascinated by all of the characters and the family of gods and goddesses; by how they interacted with humans; by all of their gifts, strengths, symbols and weapons; and by Hera’s troubles with her philandering husband and her jealousy. I held my breath when Perseus faced Medusa and enjoyed all of the stories of the heroes, whether they triumphed or lost in battle. I attribute these stories to my current love for and understanding of Astrology and Archetypes. I thank the gods for allowing me to walk this sacred path.

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